{NEWS} 121112 – Infinite’s Sunggyu, making his real solo debut with ‘60 Seconds’, made with Sweetune

Infinite’s leader, Kim Sunggyu, who announced his solo debut, revealed for the first time the tracklist of his album ‘Another Me’ at midnight on Infinite’s official homepage.

In the tracktlist of the mini-album ‘Another Me’, revealed on the 12th, there’s ‘Shine’, which was released on the 7th and which dominated the real-time charts, ‘60 Seconds, ‘I need you’, ‘Only Tears’ (Acoustic Ver.), ‘41 days’. They revealed the names of all of the 6 songs with the informations about the lyrics’, composition’s, arrangement’s credits.

The song immediately catching our attention on the tracklist is ‘60 Seconds’ produced by the team Sweetune. Sweetune made in the past the popular hit songs like ‘Be Mine’, ‘The Chaser’, ‘Paradise’ and it’s the producing team who made this success story with Infinite.

The title song wasn’t indicated on the tracklist released that day but it’s highly possible for ‘60 Seconds’ to be the title song since it’s made by Sweetune and seeing that they had a perfect harmony with Infinite during all this time.

And the last track, ‘41 Days’, is a song made by Nell’s bassist, Lee Junghoon, and it’s the first song where Sunggyu participated in to write the lyrics, so it’s catching the fans’ attention.

Moreover, ‘Only Tears’ revealed for the first time with Kim Sunggyu’s piano acoustic version during Infinite’s concert was released in Infinite’s album where it showed the members’ harmony, so the only fact that Kim Sunggyu’s solo version is in the tracklist arouses the fans’ curiosity.

That day, along with the tracklist, a new picture we’ve never seen before of Kim Sunggyu was released, catching the attention. In the picture newly released, Kim Sunggyu is wearing black sunglasses and has a pose that has a kind of playful and lively tone.

The fans learning about the tracklist and the picture commented, delighted to see a new work with Sweetune, “Sweetune of truth!” and showing their high expectations for Kim Sunggyu’s solo album “I can’t predict the musical genre of it when seeing this new picture”.

On the other hand, Kim Sunggyu ended successfully the concert on the 11th with Infinite’s members, at Fukuoka, Japan, and he’s planning to prepare for his solo album while promoting with Infinite.

CREDITS: Hankyung (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)


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