{INTERVIEW} 10Ten Story’s November Issue – Infinite getting ready to occupy even the screens


Infinite are making their onscreens debut with their concert’s live movie. Since they sold out their first Arena Tour in Japan, with a capacity of 50,000 seats, they decided to add an additional concert, displaying a potential worthy of the ‘Total-sold-out-dols’.


We’re inviting you to the 3D world!

Infinite’s first movie <Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D> was unveiled on October 11th, in the afternoon at the press preview at Seoul Wangsimni CGV. <Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D> required more than 30 cameras during Infinite’s encore concert. It’s a 3D concert movie that was completed thanks to a large scale filming. Their hit songs performances ‘Paradise’, ‘BTD’, etc were of course included, and the members had solo stages such as ‘Sexy Back’, ‘Coming-of-age ceremony’, ‘couple’, taking advantages of the screen and appealing to the eye.

Infinite’s stage that was implemented through a big screen and 3D video was a fun attraction. Especially the video that was shot from various angles made Infinite’s strong point, angled-choreography, stand out even more. They gathered a lot of interest with performances of various songs besides their hits songs such as ‘Cover Girl’, ‘Tic Toc’, ‘1/3’ etc. It is gathering a lot of interest because in this movie it is predicted that special performance, ‘Shot,’ special video, ‘I am Infinite,’ for Infinite’s audition for the individual members’ solo performances that were only shown at the encore concert , and concert making film video are expected to be included, and those who come to the theaters will have a bigger attraction provided.



At the media press conference, Infinite said “Seeing ourselves doing a concert in a movie was touching. After watching the movie it made us bashful. We wish people watched it enjoyably. We will become Infinite that continues to develop and grow. We request a lot of love in the future.” This day Hoya revealed, “It is a concert that was made into a 3D movie. It’s good to see it at the site but there were a lot of people that liked to watch the member’s close up face through the big screen. I hope that people who never came to our concert before will see the movie and want to come to the concert site themselves next time. Thank you.” Continuing, to the question “What is the scene that you remember most” Hoya responded “It was the scene of my solo performance. I showed a performance of me ripping my upper body and I was worried that because of that scene it would have a film rating of 19 years old and older. Thankfully it wasn’t like that so students could watch it too.” On this day, at the question of “You met the fans at the theater through the movie, but through this opportunity is there a member that wants to try acting” Sunggyu answered “Everyone formed acting greed. Besides Dongwoo, everyone has experience acting. We think that we can now call Infinite as acting-dols as well too. Next time, we want to film a real movie and not a concert movie after we gather courage.” Continuing on Sunggyu added, “To be honest, I have never acted an official role in a drama. Recently, Hoya acted a touching role on the finished tvN Drama <Reply 1997>. I entertainingly watched it at home and my acting greed grew. I want to have a cool role like Hoya.” At the members’ compliments Hoya evoked laughter in the crowd by wittily responding, “Someday (like me) you will be able to act (a cool role).”

Infinite’s concert movie <Infinite Concert Second Invasion Evolution the Movie 3D> is set to premiere October 18th nationwide and is predicted to open in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc after. On the other hand, this movie gathered interest because it was invited to 22nd Fukuoka International Film Festival that opened September 14th to the 23rd as a special composition.

Indeed Sell Out-dol! Through local request shock confirmation of Japanese Arena Tour additional peformances

Infinite sold out fifty thousand seats with their first Japanese arena tour and have decided on additional performances. Infinite set the record of selling out fifty thousand seats with their “Infinite Second Invasion Evolution Plus’ in four cities starting off on October 27th in Japan Tokyo and then  Nagoya, Kobe, and Fukuoka. There was a line of fans asking for additional performances for Infinite who has set the record of releasing three singles on Japanese land in the span of one year and Infinite’s company Woollim Entertainment decided on additional performances on November 21st, 22nd, for two days, at the National Gymnasia for the Tokyo Olympics. Infinite’s first Arena tour that was originally planned to be in four cities with six concerts and fifty thousand people ended up adding two more concerts and became eight concerts with seventy four thousand people. This concert is an upgraded ‘Infinite Second Invasion Evolution’ and is being anticipated to dramatically pull conflicting elements that is Infinite’s unique perfect performance and live music. Entertainment company Woollim Entertainment has revealed, “There is more a significance because after debut, all six continuous concerts have set the record of selling out. We want to make it so that people who see one performance will not be able to forget it and remember and come back and find us again.”

CREDITS: 91020880926 @ Tumblr (Source); Emilie, Nahbit @ infinite updates (Translations); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits


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