{NEWS} 121115 – Music charts, ‘Idol groups going missing’ incident…Did the bubble burst?

[T/N: Omitted parts not pertaining to Infinite]

As the analysis shows that the Idol market reached its limit, the K-Pop companies overcame the crisis with musical changes. Sistar’s Soyou let us hear a new music by doing a vocal featuring in ‘Officially Missing You’ by Hongdae’s indie duo, Geeks. And the producer of Infinite’s first member to go solo, Kim Sunggyu, is from the indie band Nell.

His company, Woollim Entertainment, explained “The consumers are bored with the standard idol groups’ music. We’re doing our best to break the stereotype of ‘being idol-like’, so we’re leaving behind the music that seemed to be always similarly made to come with a new style”.

CREDITS: Daily Sports (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)


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