{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 1)

Idol’s acting challenge. It is no longer strange. Many idol stars have transformed into ‘acting-dols’ through the braun tube, screen and have tasted both success and failure. Infinite as expected is no different. Hoya was active in finished drama ‘Reply 1997’ and L is currently enthusiastically performing in sitcom ‘What is Mom.’ Both people have been marked by the viewers and have received favorable comments. Hoya and L, who have attempted a new area and have released a different charm. Let’s listen to the vivid back story of each ‘Kang Junhee’ and ‘Kim Myungsoo’s’ transformation.

◆Hoya meets Junhee

Hoya who is doing a cute pose at the set of Reply 1997. Junhee who grew to be a doctor.

Past summer, I did a drama called tvN ‘Reply 1997.’ Amongst the characters, I tried acting for the first time with the character Kang Junhee and I received a lot of love I did not predict. The person Kang Junhee has a complete different personality than mine. Because (He’s) delicate and detailed, and on top of that he likes a friend that is a boy Yoonjae (Seo Inguk) without anyone knowing. 2012 Summer, I lived not as Hoya but as ‘Junhee.’

Even before debut I had vaguely thought ‘I want to try acting.’ But I started preparing to be a singer and after debut I was too busy even trying to show my best side on stage that I forgot about it for a while. Coincidently I did the drama audition and the heart of wanting to do it previously came back and I started getting greedy.

My company representative seemed to put in a lot of thought. It’s because I’m not alone but in a group and if I had my own individual activities there is no way but a encumbrance to happen in our team. But still I really really wanted to do ‘Reply 1997.’ That time we were at the peak of our promotions and because I was physically tired I had worried a lot of people around me but I decided to put all of that behind me and to become ‘Junhee.’

I had never learned acting and meeting with the director separately about two times before filming started was all. All the actors got together and did  script reading and we went straight into filming right after. After determining I’d be in the drama, I was going to start acting lessons but there was no time I could spare. I only studied the character by myself and practiced my lines.

The joy of acting came first, I really didn’t have any greed about the product’s success. I couldn’t even think this drama would be good. The company didn’t have any anticipation either^^ Because I started because I was curious about acting I was joyful with just being a different person in front of the camera.

After finishing and looking back, I think I really received a generous amount of love. I was just thankful that they looked at it nicely even though I didn’t even anticipate. And! I thought a drama was just a drama but, I think there are still people who confuse my real self and the character. Sunggyu hyung told me this but he said one of his relatives thinks that ‘Reply 1997’s’ Junhee and Hoya are the same person! Although I was a little embarrassed, because it was such a well made product I didn’t take offense to it.

But, our fans will really know. (They will know) that Junhee from the drama is absolutely not me. Because I am really manly. hahaha.

◇L becomes Kim Myungsoo

L transformed to ‘Kim Myungsoo’ right now! Snapshot from ‘What is Mom’ press conference setting and filming scene

I became to work on a daily sitcom. MBC ‘What is Mom’ that started airing it’s first episode on October 9th. I stood in front of the Braun tube with my real name and I had to match breathes with big seniors. Amongst the characters, Kim Myungsoo is (Kim) Byungman hyung’s younger nephew and although he’s good at studying and has good concentration, he is a character that is a little clumsy in the living area.

I chose a sitcom as my first product after ‘Shut up Flower Boy Band.’ Because there is a lot of filming at the set this time, I experienced a different camera method from outdoor shooting for the first time. In the beginning it was a little hard to adjust but because the seniors gave me a lot of help I am learning.

L who is warmly posing with actress, Kim Seohyung, who he is matching breathes with in ‘What is Mom’

Although there are hard aspects, I’m in the process of learning and I am happy because I think the hardness is becoming experience. In ‘What is Mom’ a lot of big seniors come out. Starting from Na Munhee teacher to Park Misun, Park Seohyung, Ryu Seungsoo, Park Junghak, Kim Byungman senior. When we do script reading, even now I tremble a lot. When we did our first reading, I was so nervous that the hand that was holding onto the script was shaking a lot.

I think I was out of my mind because the big seniors were all gathered together at one spot. Like doing a presentation during class time, when it was about to be my turn, my heart would start beating really fast starting from then. The seniors that saw me pointed each and everything out and taught me.

When there is time, L that goes outside. This time at the beach click!

In this product, I was preparing to show the twenty one years old me, Kim Myungsoo. I looked for my everyday habits and would also write down on a memo my manners. If there was time I would also practice my lines with the members.

There wasn’t much difficulty trying to be immersed because he was a character that is bright and optimistic and positive like the everyday me. I think it is just fun. Because if there is a hard aspect I can ask the seniors whenever. Although I have to pay a lot of attention to the gestures and directions aspects, but I consult those with the director and I’m also the type that talks it over with the seniors that are filming that scene with me often. Then it becomes much more quicker to solve rather than me wondering by myself.

CREDITS: Naver (Source); Nahbit @ infinite updates (Translations)


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