{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 2)

Hoya is filming ‘Reply 1997’ right now. The alumni reunion scene that made us wonder who Sung Siwon’s husband is!

◆1991 born Lee Howon experiences ‘1997’

Returning to 1997 was more interesting than I had thought. Although it is a totally different generation, because I was interested in it from before I looked it up on the internet and studied it. It is also true that I worried a lot because I had to act with hyungs like Eun Jiwon senior who have a large age gap with me. But actually starting filming and talking with them, there were absolutely no uncomfortable things. I actually treated them so comfortably that it was to the point where people around me would worry and ask “Can you really do that?” Hahaha.

At the filming site, I was so into the site that I didn’t even think that it was Sechs Kies’s Eun Jiwon. Althought where times when suddenly a thought like ‘Ah, Sechs Kies’s Eun Jiwon!’ would bubble up^^

Because ‘Junhee’ was a role that didn’t talk much, I usually did expression or emotion acting. There were a lot of scenes of when he would listen to someone’s story from next to then. Because of that careful expressions were important and with only that I had to express Junhee’s emotions to the viewers. It wasn’t an easy task to the me that it was the first time acting. That part was also the hardest part.

Another thing was saturi. Me that is originally from Busan, fixed my saturi while preparing to debut as a singer. Like that at the end of complications, I started using the standard language, but in this drama I had to use Busan saturi to my heart’s content. Because I had to do the opposite of when I was fixing saturi it wasn’t hard. For example, when I was fixing it, because if I talked to my family and friends over the phone my saturi would come out, I didn’t contact them often, but while doing this drama I contacted my family a lot. Because I can use saturi to my heart’s content^^

I actually started practicing saturi again. But what is this situation, the Junhee that became an adult fixed his saturi completely! There were a lot of scenes facing (Jung) Eunji but because Eunji kept using saturi and I used the standard language….it was hard..

I don’t know if everyone caught on but, in the scene where I sit on the couch drinking milk while talking to (Seo) Inguk hyung, slight saturi came out! We filmed it three times but watching the episode, that scene was out. Did you catch on? Haha.

To be honest I don’t think I can say that I perfectly fixed my saturi yet. Because still now words that have the symbol ‘ㅇ’ my pronunciation becomes stronger without me knowing^^

Hoya who returned to Junhee that has a calm and delicate personality. Infinite Hoya where~?

Although it was hard I never thought ‘I did this in vain.’ I actually felt the fun of acting someone else. I showed a lot of manly sides through Infinite but I put in a lot of effort because I had to draw out a person with a delicate personality in ‘Reply 1997.’

I steadily exercised up to now but because I didn’t think muscles match with Junhee, while filming the drama I didn’t even do push ups. Because I constantly thought about the character, during filming my way of speech would be very friendly and kind. ‘Dark Hoya’ that the fans like, for a little while goodbye~

The members encouraged me with texts like “Hoya who became soft” “Friendly Hoya-sshi,” and because as expected my manager hyung told me I changed. This should be evidence that I was immersed?

Gradually understanding the person Junhee, I was able to immerse more. L’s, who challenged acting before, advice was also a big strength. Because of his recommendation of “Read the script with your heart” I put in effort to feel ‘Kang Junhee.’ As strange as it is, because I spent a lot of time at the filming set, I gradually accepted Junhee I was able to feel the ‘me’ that was living as him.

◇Kim Myungsoo, another me

L who is resting a bit in the midst of filming ‘What is Mom.’ “It’s an encouragement text from Woohyun hyung” Ah, and the script that you can slightly see! Traces from practice just as is~

Sitcom filmings are usually filmed five episodes’ worth of amount at one time. Like that waiting time is long as well. Isn’t it boring you ask? Not at all! There are a lot of delicious things in the filming set neighborhood and while going around and taking a walk there is no time to be bored! Although it could be because only one month and I can’t feel it yet^^ As of now it is only really fun.

After filming and I go home it is dawn when everyone is already asleep. Because I am living a repeated life of where I have to get up early the next morning for schedules, there is no time to see the members besides during concert practiceㅠㅠ. Occasionally, a text from Woohyun hyung comes. Then strength naturally comes. Thanks hyung ^^

When we escape downtown and do outdoor filming, I drink the clear air and spend a good time while going around looking at places that I wasn’t able to go before.

Ah! And my hobby is ‘picture taking.’ I normally always have my camera in my bag and take it around and take photos of the scenery and people. If there is even one day when we rest, I always go out somewhere. Last time I went to Han river and it was interesting because there were a lot of things to look at and I was happy because there were a lot of things to take pictures of.

L who is holding a camera and showing the altitude of concentration. ‘Taking pictures is my strength!’

Taking pictures became a hobby after I bought my camera three years ago. I started with the heart of wanting to leave the beautiful scenery with pictures and I usually always carry around my camera because I thought it would be good to leave every day things too.

The heart of wanting to leave even the little everyday things as memories too!! When I take a picture, should I say it’s the feeling of that moment becoming a special memory. Taking pictures, I like the aspect of being able to remember that moment.

After I take a picture I always leave a memo like ‘Today’s day~.’ Uhm.. like when we were in elementary school we wrote drawing diaries, I write a photo diary.

The pictures that L filled with his camera ‘How are they?’

Because I want to study photography a bit more systematically, I am in the midst of buying professional books and reading them. I fell in~~deep^^ And because of that if there is a new camera mode I want to buy it and I am very interested.

When I get stressed, I like going around by myself, but at those times my camera is always protecting my side. When I go out and take photos, I think my stress is going away and if I shoot a good scene then I feel good. Different from seeing it originally, I feel like I’m looking at something else when looking through the lens.

A day is going to come where the thoughts that are only in my head are going to spread and be seen^^

These days we are spending busy days going to and from Korea and Japan because of Arena Tour and ‘What is Mom.’ I feel really good because in Japan, through Infinite we are gaining a good outcome and I want to work harder so that I can grow into a singer that can shine Korea! And I want to show the side where I develop in acting too.

I wish you can watch over me because I will work to the best I can while going to and from L and Kim Myungsoo. ‘What is Mom,’ and Infinite hwaiting!!

◆Now returning to ‘Hoya’

Sweet rest during performance rehearsals! Properly showing ‘Dark Hoya’s’ side~

There are friends that I practiced dancing with and grew a dream to be a singer with since we were young. And looking at that, I debuted first and then around ten of my friends around me that practiced have now debuted. Big Star’s Gwangsul (Feel Dog) and Youngjun (Baram) hyung were members of the dance team that I was in. After debuting, we meet occasionally but when we talk about our similar worries and goals, we don’t even know that time is passing by.

My heart that says ‘let’s be the best’ that I had when I was practicing in order to become a singer and now as a Infinite member is the same. If there is something that is different, before I was tightly blocked. The heart ‘only dance and singing!’? It’s not like that anymore. I changed my thought to acting and also showing variety of charms through variety programs. Before debut I was also very shy but now there is a little bit of composure when it comes to people.

It’s also the same when I am performing. I always had something that was making me nervous in my heart but I now think ‘If I enjoy it that’s it.’ I don’t feel it as a big issue if I go up on stage and there is less of the audience’s cheers, it’s fun. It has become where I go up on stage and do my best and joyfully do the performance while smiling amongst the members. It’s not only me, I’m sure the members are the same. It is the now where the past’s nervousness has gone.

And the assurance of ‘If I work hard it’s okay’ has formed. Thanks to the positive members, I changed too.

Hoya that is monitoring during ‘Reply 1997’ filming. Precise monitoring is mandatory!

To be honest I worried because while acting I couldn’t practice singing a lot but because of concert practices in between during lessons, the vocal teacher told me ‘Your skills have improved.’ Because of the effort that I put in for emotional acting, maybe it came out in my singing. I underwent the stubbornness that I felt before while thinking I will show something on stage. I think the emotions that I gained while acting permeated untouched into my singing and demonstrated a synergy effect.

I think my head rotation got faster too. After listening to the director’s directing, because I repeated the process of fixing my mistakes right away, I became to understand if told one thing and able to fix it right away. This is also one of the things I gained after acting.

Another thing is the fact that I became ‘mature.’ Although it was acting, the conversations that I had during that process while fixing conflicts has helped me. I indirectly looked at my situation and also looked back upon my life and thought about ‘If it were me how would I do it’ and I also was able to rethink about ‘me.’

I also thought if there were good friends around me like ‘Reply 1997’s’ Junhee. And I also started to pay attention to the valuable people. To be honest, I wasn’t the type to contact my family and friends a lot but while doing this drama I started to care for the people around me. I really learned a lot.

Because I developed one step through acting, it is now the order to show through the stage. Infinite of course, and with unit group INFINITE H that I’m doing with Dongwoo hyung!! We thought a lot about what side we should show. In the beginning, because hyung and my forte is dancing, we vaguely thought that it would be good to show that side emphasized but because we can show that enough as Infinite, we decided to do something that brings into relief a more artistic side.

INFINITE H started full-fledged productions starting from last year and even while doing the drama, we continued to record. At the thought of showing the public a different side, personally my anticipation grew big. Although we haven’t set an exact date for our promotions, you will be ale to see another charm of Hoya’s soon!!

And ‘Arena Tour’ that happened last month. As much as it is a hard stage for even artists promoting in Japan to stand on, as predicted my heart was filled with emotion. I also studied Japanese really hard with the heart of wanting to communicate with the Japanese fans a little more. Even during schedules, I would squeeze in time and have lessons. I added a little bit more meat to the current concert’s repertoire and did a lot of preparations. I hope that as much effort as we put in, that we can finish it well.

Looking back at it, I did a lot of promotions this year. Because I received a generous amount of love, I was able to get a good result and I only have a thankful heart. In the future, with Infinite, and Infinite H, I will show you a variety of sides so I request even more anticipation!!

I will show you more than you anticipate, I love you!

to Star Column
I will show you a good side of me in the future
Thank you ^_^

to. Star Column..
In the future too please love Star Column. What is Mom a lot~

CREDITS: Naver (Source); Nahbit @ infinite updates (Translations)


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