{INTERVIEW} Melon Music Story :: Kim Sunggyu’s Hybrid music

On the picture : INFINITE’s leader

Kim Sunggyu’s solo debut!

A jacket filming full of sensibility

Hello. Melon Family! I am Kim Sunggyu who just released a solo album entitled “Another Me”~

Since I’ve always been seen with my INFINITE members, I think there’s a lot of people who don’t know Kim Sunggyu alone.

That’s why after worrying and focusing on my solo album, I’ve released Another me !

Today, I will show the Melon Family the precious moments I’ve spent while working on my first solo album and the shooting of my album jacket I’ve worked on even harder because I was alone.

Album | INFINITE’s leader Kim Sunggyu’s solo album [Shine]

Before releasing his album [Another me], INFINITE’s leader Kim Sunggyu pre-released a single of the “hybride music” genre, [Shine]. It’s a synonym of melodic dance music. As hard as it was to imagine what would be the kind of music of the one who always took care of INFINITE as the leader, [Shine] that was released on November 7th wasn’t INFINITE’s Sunggyu whom we’ve always known but Kim Sunggyu’s music only. Dream intro. The association of synth pop added by the synthetizer. An electronic beat and a rock-like drive guitar. It is safe to say that Shine that was made with Kim Sunggyu’s sexy and subtle voice control, is a hybrid music that has both musical charm and popular enjoyment.

Story | Jacket shooting set

As soon as the shooting starts, I look more serious but I’m a bit awkward too ^^ I can feel it, when I look at the pictures everyone on the set is chatting but when I’m posing in front of the camera, since there’s no one to crack jokes around me, it’s comfortable and awkward… It’s nice!^^ ㅎㅎ

Ta-dah!! When you change these images in black and white, they become cool right? I think it’s because there are a lot of warm and serious parts in this album so it feels like black and white images are going to fit more~ Everyone what do you think?

This time I’ve changed into brighter clothes and also got a new hairstyle~! This time, the photograph kept telling me “Do it more sexily ! More sexily !!!” so I remember panicking ㅜ_ㅜ Ah… Which picture is sexy??

In these ones, I’ve only put on a pair of sunglasses… is it okay if a person is this awesome? ㅎㅎ

Truthfully speaking, my eyes are my charm… but of course even if I hide my eyes I’m really cool!!! ^^;

Monitoring meticulously! I have to look at  my expressions on each picture through the monitor in order to find out about my flaws. Since I’ve made a lot of different expressions during the shooting, there are lots of moments when I don’t know what expression is more fitting. During time like this, the monitor is life !

I’m revealing the last picture~!! Is there any feel coming out from my last cut??^^

Just like the pictures, a really serious and intimate album came out~! Everyone please love it a lot~

Photo | Solo Images revealed for the Melon members

While I was promoting (T/N : as an INFINITE member) there was always a part of me and a kind of music I’ve wanted to show but I couldn’t.

Instead of a song we’d dance to, I’ve wanted to try a sort of music with sensible vocals that I wouldn’t be able to do as an idol. This really is a sort of lucky album to me. The seniors from our company, the Nell hyungs, really helped me a lot..

It’s the first time I’ve felt like this while working. Music is not just something that simply comes out and the more you work on music, the better it turns out.

The Nell seniors really helped me for a long time, just like it was their own music, and told me a lot of nice things.

Thanks to our best Sweetune team and Nell seniors who created the first Kim Sunggyu solo album, I feel like this will be a warm album to go through the winter weather that is slowly getting colder ^^ Since I will come to you with a different image~! Let’s make sure to meet on broadcast !

Also please love my title track “60 seconds” a lot~ I will become an even more hardworking Sunggyu from INFINITE!

On the autograph : To. Melon

CREDITS: Melon (Source); Saphira @ infinite updates (Translations)

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