Welcome to Endless Limits, where the updates are seemingly endless! This beyond awesome fansite is dedicated to Infinite, a 7 member boy group under Woollim Entertainment. They are idols who breakthrough the stereotypical rookie idea and show off an aura of a professional; they have infinite potential. To Infinite, the word “limit” is something that they completely disregard. Endless Limits was founded on June 7, 2010.


stuffedbunny (Tammy) – The awesome founder of this site! She has since left the team but she will always be remembered as the one who started this~


crazeecores (Hyejin) – One of the first authors of Endless Limits, she now mostly translates in Endless Limits’ tumblr, Infinite Updates, which posts all kinds of translations. She was also one of the translators for the subbing group Inspirit Subs! Amazing, isn’t she? She’s still an admin of the site, but leaves most of the running of the site to Ruby (me!).

rubyfur (Ruby) – That’s me! xD I don’t post often now because I’m in school for practically the entire day, and I’m not a translator like Hyejin, but I check the site to make sure everything is neat and in order, and this role fits me perfectly because I’m kinda a perfectionist~ I’m also a Ctranslator and editor of the subbing group Apeiron Subs.



ameander (Amanda)

Graphic Artists


7 Comments on “About”

  1. misa says:

    Annyeonghaseyo yeoreobun! You guys are my go-to bloggers for everything Infinite. Thanks for all the hard work!

    Infinite FIGHTING!

  2. albeitalways says:

    Thanks for all the fast updates! Honestly, this blog was the best one I could find for Infinite stuff.

    A big thank you to all the staff :DD

  3. Can I know how inspirit can chat friendly with INFINITE???
    i’m really envy~~ TTTT^^^^^TTTT

  4. yongfiz says:

    wow.. last time i think just sungyeol was in god of study..but L were the same!
    i’ve been watch the drama 4 times already. its gonna be different if L n sungyeol was there..lolz

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