{INTERVIEW} 121120 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 3rd SECTION. Solo singer Kim Sunggyu, ‘Another me’

Going solo! The picture of Kim Sunggyu’s first solo album jacket, another charm

Infinite who caught the attention of the public with a perfectly synchronized choreography. Leader Sunggyu led the team to be ‘Trend-dols’ and is in harmony with the 6 members. He wrapped up the preparations to come on stage not as Infinite, but alone, as ‘Solo singer Kim Sunggyu’. 60 seconds before Sunggyu’s entry, not as an idol but, challenging as an artist. Look forward to it, coming soon! //Main editor

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{INTERVIEW} Melon Music Story :: Kim Sunggyu’s Hybrid music

On the picture : INFINITE’s leader

Kim Sunggyu’s solo debut!

A jacket filming full of sensibility

Hello. Melon Family! I am Kim Sunggyu who just released a solo album entitled “Another Me”~

Since I’ve always been seen with my INFINITE members, I think there’s a lot of people who don’t know Kim Sunggyu alone.

That’s why after worrying and focusing on my solo album, I’ve released Another me !

Today, I will show the Melon Family the precious moments I’ve spent while working on my first solo album and the shooting of my album jacket I’ve worked on even harder because I was alone.

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{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 2)

Hoya is filming ‘Reply 1997’ right now. The alumni reunion scene that made us wonder who Sung Siwon’s husband is!

◆1991 born Lee Howon experiences ‘1997’

Returning to 1997 was more interesting than I had thought. Although it is a totally different generation, because I was interested in it from before I looked it up on the internet and studied it. It is also true that I worried a lot because I had to act with hyungs like Eun Jiwon senior who have a large age gap with me. But actually starting filming and talking with them, there were absolutely no uncomfortable things. I actually treated them so comfortably that it was to the point where people around me would worry and ask “Can you really do that?” Hahaha.

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{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 1)

Idol’s acting challenge. It is no longer strange. Many idol stars have transformed into ‘acting-dols’ through the braun tube, screen and have tasted both success and failure. Infinite as expected is no different. Hoya was active in finished drama ‘Reply 1997’ and L is currently enthusiastically performing in sitcom ‘What is Mom.’ Both people have been marked by the viewers and have received favorable comments. Hoya and L, who have attempted a new area and have released a different charm. Let’s listen to the vivid back story of each ‘Kang Junhee’ and ‘Kim Myungsoo’s’ transformation.

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{INTERVIEW} 10Ten Story’s November Issue – Infinite getting ready to occupy even the screens


Infinite are making their onscreens debut with their concert’s live movie. Since they sold out their first Arena Tour in Japan, with a capacity of 50,000 seats, they decided to add an additional concert, displaying a potential worthy of the ‘Total-sold-out-dols’.

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{INTERVIEW} ODINA Magazine Vol. 8


1993.09.03 / 179cm / Blood type: A / Vocal / Infinite’s youngest

Although his feminine qualities became hot topics such as his pretty skin that all the members are jealous of or his specialty being girl group dance covers, he recently graduated high school and after hitting the Korean age of 20, his ‘masculinity’ rose up in one shot! He did the unexpected by enthusiastically performed the sexy and masculine part of Hyunseung for the performance of ‘Trouble Maker’ with Sungyeol during the Japanese concert in February. Sungjong said, “I wanted to create a gap,” to which Sungyeol replied, “I let him do it to commemorate him turning 20 years old.”


1990.11.22 / 175cm / Blood type: A / Main rapper / He writes Infinite’s raps along with Hoya.

You can tell from his self-appointed, ‘my eyes are my charm’, but he gives off a pose on stage that’s hard to approach with his sharp stares and fierce raps. However, once he’s off the stage, he’s a person that doesn’t lose his really soft smile. The members said, “We’re worried that he will get tricked by a bad person,” about Dongwoo, who doesn’t know how to be suspicious of others. And because he has a lot of tears, he sobbed during the surprise party that the members created for him on his birthday when they went to Japan for ‘BTD’ promotions. You can also see this on the ‘Be Mine’ (A Ver.) DVD.


1992.03.13 / 180cm / Blood type: O / Vocal / In charge of the visuals in Infinite

He gained popularity through his cool looks and he debuted as an actor through the role of Jiu in the Japanese drama, ‘Jiu: Special Investigation Team’. He also became a hot topic by playing the role of Lee Hyunsoo in the Korean drama, ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’, in December and was the guitarist of the flower boy band, “Eye Candy”. In the Japanese performance in February, he performed Toy’s ‘I Was Once By Your Side “, which he performed during his company’s audition, with Sungjong accompanying him on the piano. He said, “Because it was my starting point.”

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On November 19th, 2011, Infinite debuted in Japan, a debut that was filled with much anticipation. On the day before, on the 18th, they held a debut press conference, at Kawasaki Lazona, where 10 thousand fans gathered for their debut event. Japan’s fiery line of vision was focused on their “Synchro-Rate 99.9%”’s scorpion dance.

Practice, practice, and more practice

On the day before Infinite’s Japanese debut on the 18th, Infinite held a mini concert and a high-five event at Kawasaki Lazona as their press conference and post activities. There were 200 different media companies that heard news about their perfect, 99.9% synchro-rate! Just like the cover of their album, the members entered the stage with refreshing, white clothes and they all used Japanese to say hello to the audience. Regarding their Japanese debut, Sunggyu, as the leader, was the first to speak: “We have been waiting for a long time. Because we’re extremely excited, our hearts, even now, are still beating violently!” Hoya said, “Since the start, we were in Korea, to be able to debut in Japan was a dream. Our dream has now been fulfilled and of course, we’re very happy.” Dongwoo, who creates the atmosphere, when asked to disclose about the recording, he said “The Japanese ‘tsu’ is very hard to pronounce… But now, I can say it accurately! Tsu~ Tsu~ Tsu!!!” and the entire audience erupted into laughter.

When asked about Infinite’s signature: The 99.9% synchro-rate scorpion dance, Sungyeol said: “Even though everyone is praising our 99.9% synchro-rate group dance, but, to be able to reach this standard, you have to be reliant on teamwork.” After Woohyun said, “Practice, practice, practice” in Japanese, he continued: “In Korea, we’re even called the group that’s ‘crazy over practicing.’ Because we practice over 18 hours daily, only like that, we’re able to ensure the members’ teamwork and chemistry. Practicing so hard like that, only then, the scorpion dance was born. To be able to complete the scorpion dance, it’s dependant on practice and hard work.” At the end, Woohyun said to the fans: “We’ll practice till the extent of our bodies breaking!” L said: “If there’s a chance, we want to attend the ‘Kouhaku Uta Gassen’ (T/N: It’s a prestigious end-of-year music festival in Japan for only the best artists, meaning ‘Red & White Song Festival’.); we want to show everyone our dance.” Sungyeol said: “We want to practice until the standard where if we go out, people will shout: ‘Ah! It’s Infinite!’, that kind of standard.” Everyone expressed their ambitions regarding their Japan debut.

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