{RECRUITING} Authors & Graphic Arists for Endless Limits’ WordPress

Hello! ^__^

Our EL blog staff has been recently shortened down, so we would like to hire around 1~2 more authors and maybe 1 graphic artist. You just basically have to post videos, pictures, and news articles (they can be taken from any reliable source). Although knowing how to use WordPress would be a great plus, it is not required.

Please refer to this post LINK for more information~

We would be happy to have you guys on the team!


Hey guys! :) I’m not sure if half of you even remember me… Hehehe. I’ve been MIA for such a long time. You know, busy with school, life, & all that jazz.

I’m not exactly “returning”, but I am trying to “revamp” this site :) It’s been way too long since we last updated the appearance of EL. So, why not now?! :) The layout hasn’t EXACTLY been finished, so please be patient. Hopefully, we can update our Twitter layout as well :)

Best of wishes,
Tammy :)

110218 – Mod Notice

I’ll try to post news here, but I end up forgetting a lot of times. For really quick translations, I’ll be posting on EL’s Tumblr. (Can be found in the sidebar)

{MOD} New Staff Member!

Hello! It’s Hyejin here~ I’d like to introduce a new staff member to the Endless Limits team!

▲ Xuerong

She’s our new author so welcome her! (:


Happy 100th to Infinite!

100 days of loving Infinite. 9/16 marks the 100th day since Infinite’s debut!

Happy 100th day to the boys whom we cherish and love ♥


Sunggyu ∞ Dongwoo ∞ Woohyun ∞ Hoya ∞ Sungyeol ∞ L ∞ Sungjong ∞

사랑해 ♥ Ich liebe dich ♥ 我爱你 ♥ Ti Amo ♥ Je T’aime ♥ Te Amo ♥ Te quiero ♥ Kocham Cię ♥ Te Iubesc ♥ Miluji Tě ♥ Σ’αγαπώ ♥ Sizi Seviyorum ♥ Eu amo te ♥ 愛してるよ。♥ أعشقك ♥ Mahal Kita ♥ (I) Love you ♥

(Most of the translations above were found with WordReference. If you would like to fix it or add another one, by all means, leave a comment :D)

– Endless Limits Staff

Updates – Last Updated: 121106

  • Endless Limits is back up and running! We have a new theme, as well as new authors and graphic artists, check out the About page!
  • If a raw video is posted before the subbed version comes out, the same post will be updated with the subbed version. There will be no additional posts. Our Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/_endlesslimits) will be updated when a subbed version replaces a raw one.
  • We are in need of AUTHORS. Head over to https://endlesslimits.wordpress.com/recruiting/ to fill out an application! :) Looking forward to work with you~
  • The Infinite page has been updated with MV links and discography.
  • When taking out posts, please take out with full credits!


The winner of our First Invasion giveaway has been chosen!

And to tease you a little more, I’m going to announce the winner after the cut :) HEHE, you guys must hate me for teasing you so much :P

Click the link below!

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