{INTERVIEW} 100823 Infinite’s Interview with Bugs via Twitter

Bugs had the interview put into separate tweets but I’ll just collect it all into one. ^^

[RT Please] In a few moments, Bugs will have an interview with the 7 member group, Infinite, whose ‘sky color group dancing’ is cool. Please watch out for the time line!! Infinite had gained large popularity after their debut title song, ‘Come Back Again’, and are currently in the middle of diligently performing their follow up song, ‘She’s Back. Infinite is coming a bit late due to that. We pushed back lunch for the interview… Ah, there was a phone call that they just arrive. Wait for a bit. Getting ready for Infinite’s interview… Pictures first~~^^

+ Remainder of the Interview Under the cut

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{TUMBLR} Twitter, UFO Town, & YOZM Updates!

Hey guys! We’ve made a tumblr for all Twitter, UFO Town, & YOZM updates. The thread started getting a bit cluttered, so we decided to make a tumblr to compile all updates from the boys.

Click to visit our Tumblr!

{UPDATES} Woollim Ent. Boss Twitter Update ; 100820 L & Sungyeol

제 트윗팔로우하시는 분을위한 특별선물 투척!! 성열&명수

A special present for people who follow my tweets!! Sungyeol & Myungsoo

CREDITS: starmakerljy @ Twitter ; infinitydol @ Endless Limits ; Hyejin (Translations)

{UPDATES} 100818 Han Love’s Twitter ; Infinite @ Practice Room

I don’t know when this was taken, but it was uploaded on August 18th by a staff of a Japanese Program called Han Love (Korean Love) on twitter.

+9 under cut
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{UPDATES} 100818 Twitter & YOZM Updates

Will be updated every time a new message is written, check back often! Edited 3:28 EST

+ Messages Under the Cut

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{UPDATES} 100817 Twitter & YOZM Updates

I will keep updating this post for 100817 tweets and Yozms, so make sure to check back!

+ All messages under the cut

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{UPDATES} 100816 Twitter & YOZM Updates

I will be continuously editing the post every time they update their Twitters and YOZMs ^^.


Seongyeol1991: 에너지 절약 합시다!!!! Let’go 에너지 절약콘서트!!

Seongyeol1991: Let’s save energy!!!! Let’s go Saving Energy Concert!!

EDIT (5:15 EST): + 4 Under the Cut

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