{UPDATES} Woohyun& Hoya’s Best Fly UFOTown Replies

Make sure to check our Tumblr because we have moved all Twitter, Yozm, UFOTown updates to there. From now on, none of those will be posted in here.

Our Tumblr

+ Woohyun’s Under the Cut (And a note)

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{TUMBLR} Twitter, UFO Town, & YOZM Updates!

Hey guys! We’ve made a tumblr for all Twitter, UFO Town, & YOZM updates. The thread started getting a bit cluttered, so we decided to make a tumblr to compile all updates from the boys.

Click to visit our Tumblr!

{UPDATES} 100811 L’s Best Fly UFOTown Replies

CREDITS: Bestiz ; Hyejin  (crazeecores) @ Over Zero / Endless Limits

{UPDATES} 100811 Sungjong & Sungyeol Best Fly UFOTown Replies

+ Sungyeol’s Replies Under the Cut

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{UPDATES} Dongwoo & Sunggyu’s Best Fly UFOTown Replies

+ Sunggyu Under the Cut

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{UPDATES} 100814 Sungyeol’s UFOTown Reply

CREDITS: Infinite’s UFOTown Circle ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

{VID} Infinite Replying to UFO Town Messages; Translated Messages

So, what they were basically talking about was how they would answer the message so I decided to just translate the messages and the users who said it.

Translations under the Cut

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