{TUMBLR} Twitter, UFO Town, & YOZM Updates!

Hey guys! We’ve made a tumblr for all Twitter, UFO Town, & YOZM updates. The thread started getting a bit cluttered, so we decided to make a tumblr to compile all updates from the boys.

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{UPDATES} 100817 Twitter & YOZM Updates

I will keep updating this post for 100817 tweets and Yozms, so make sure to check back!

+ All messages under the cut

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{UPDATES} 100816 Twitter & YOZM Updates

I will be continuously editing the post every time they update their Twitters and YOZMs ^^.


Seongyeol1991: 에너지 절약 합시다!!!! Let’go 에너지 절약콘서트!!

Seongyeol1991: Let’s save energy!!!! Let’s go Saving Energy Concert!!

EDIT (5:15 EST): + 4 Under the Cut

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{UPDATES} 100815 Twitter & YOZM Updates

인증샷!! 문화생활나들이 오랜만에 영화보니깐 너무재밌어요 ㅠ! 즐거운하루~~ 다들즐거운하루보내셧죠?!

Seongyeol1991: Proof picture!!! Been awhile since we enjoyed a civil life by watching movies ㅠ! Fun day~~ Everyone spent a fun day, right?! (About 1 hour ago)

+ L & Hoya Under the Cut

EDIT (2:52 PM EST): Added an extra tweet & Yozm from Hoya

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{UPDATES} 100815 Sungyeol’s YOZM Update

인피니트성열: 인기가요 대기실에 더미누나가 오셧다!!!

InfiniteSungyeol: Deomi noona* came to Inkigayo’s waiting room!!!

“*” Things:

Noona: A term that males use towards older females.

CREDITS: Sungyeol’s YOZM ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)

Not sure who Deomi is but he has her friended on YOZM.

{UPDATES} Infinite’s YOZM + How to Join Tutorial

Since a few people have asked how to get a yozm. I decided to make a mini tutorial. I hope it’s easy to understand! ^^

+tutorial under cut

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{UPDATES} 100814 Various YOZM Updates

Going to start translating these from now on~! But only starting off with the most recent ones, then I’ll translate whatever comes out.

인피니트성열: 공연을 무사히 마치고!! 오늘공연을 성규형 부모님 엘 부모님 성쫑이 부모님학교선생님께서 뵈주셧네요!!! 저희의부모님을 뵈러 고고씽!!!

InfiniteSungyeol: Safely finished performing!! Sunggyu hyung’s parents, L’s parents, Sungjjongie’s parents and his school teacher came to see today’s performance!!! Going to see our parents, gogossing*!!!

+ 8 Under the Cut (Sungyeol, L, Dongwoo, Hoya)

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