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22 Comments on “Contact Us”

  1. _sungjonglove says:

    Heys I just wanted to ask…has you are my oppa episode 8 been aired yet??? I’m just wondering cause it’s been awhile, probably since Infinite has debuted… Ohhh wells I would have to wait, anxiously, cause I really want to know what’s gonna happen on the test!!! TT____TT” gahhh….Infinite please don’t make me keep waiting…. ^^
    thank you <333
    Infinite & Endless Limits Hwaiting!!! <333

  2. _sungjonglove says:

    Hi again!!! ^^ do you have the link to the pic on your blog banner??? Well probably the photoshoot??? I’m not too sure, but I can’t find any of those pics!!! I pretty sure you might of posted something on this, do you mind giving me the link??? Thank you if you can, Endless Limits is my Infinite life saver!!! <333 Saranghaeyo Infinite & Endless Limits!!! ^_^

  3. Sunny says:

    Please can you send ur link and boton ? this is our page thnaks ^^

  4. Hi there, I’m not sure if I’m asking in the right place but it’s all I’ve got lol. I was just wondering, in the new Infinite Japanese CD + DVD, will the Music video included be of the original Korean version or of the new Japanese version? I want to know so I can make a decision whether to buy it or not. Thanksiez.

  5. yellowcindy says:

    I wanted to apply for the author position, but I don’t know if you guys are still recruiting…are you guys recruiting?

  6. Kamira~♥ says:

    Hii guys ^^
    I’m sorry for insiting u.u I already asked u on twitter, but I think u won’t be able to see it =S
    My question is, could u translate this: please?? I really need to know u.u
    Thnk u ^^

    P.S.: Sorry for my english too xD

  7. wanyiii says:

    I have questions about leveling up on Infinite’s Daum fancafe! I tried reading the tutorial, but it didn’t quite help since the layout is different now. I can’t read Korean so ya.. Thank you in advance for helping! :D Hope someone replies! :D

  8. wanyiii says:

    I have question! How can I purchase tickets for the Second Invasion Evolution concert if I am a foreigner? Are there any online sites where we can purchase the tickets? :D

  9. Jade Lee says:

    Hi,can i know where can buy INFINITE EVOLUTION(with poster)???
    I really want it badly T^T

  10. Are you still recruiting graphic designer ?

  11. Hello, we are a blogshop shipping korean albums.
    We are currently doing preorders for Infinite’s 4th Mini album.
    Do share us on your site.
    Thank you!

  12. baotran says:

    Hi oppa. I’m from Vietnamese. I love oppa

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