{VID} 121118 Kim Sunggyu – Another Me Album Preview

CREDITS: woolliment @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

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{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 2)

Hoya is filming ‘Reply 1997’ right now. The alumni reunion scene that made us wonder who Sung Siwon’s husband is!

◆1991 born Lee Howon experiences ‘1997’

Returning to 1997 was more interesting than I had thought. Although it is a totally different generation, because I was interested in it from before I looked it up on the internet and studied it. It is also true that I worried a lot because I had to act with hyungs like Eun Jiwon senior who have a large age gap with me. But actually starting filming and talking with them, there were absolutely no uncomfortable things. I actually treated them so comfortably that it was to the point where people around me would worry and ask “Can you really do that?” Hahaha.

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{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 1)

Idol’s acting challenge. It is no longer strange. Many idol stars have transformed into ‘acting-dols’ through the braun tube, screen and have tasted both success and failure. Infinite as expected is no different. Hoya was active in finished drama ‘Reply 1997’ and L is currently enthusiastically performing in sitcom ‘What is Mom.’ Both people have been marked by the viewers and have received favorable comments. Hoya and L, who have attempted a new area and have released a different charm. Let’s listen to the vivid back story of each ‘Kang Junhee’ and ‘Kim Myungsoo’s’ transformation.

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{VID} 121116 Sunggyu – Another Me Piano Teaser

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{NEWS} 121115 Teams for SBS Gayo Daejun 2012 – The Color of Kpop

Group:: Dynamic Black | Producer :: Shinsandong Tiger | Hoya w/ Kikwang, Jinwoon, Joon, Ljoe
Group:: Dramatic Blue | Producer :: Sweetune | Woohyun w/ Yoseob, Jokwon, G.O., Niel

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{NEWS} 121115 – Music charts, ‘Idol groups going missing’ incident…Did the bubble burst?

[T/N: Omitted parts not pertaining to Infinite]

As the analysis shows that the Idol market reached its limit, the K-Pop companies overcame the crisis with musical changes. Sistar’s Soyou let us hear a new music by doing a vocal featuring in ‘Officially Missing You’ by Hongdae’s indie duo, Geeks. And the producer of Infinite’s first member to go solo, Kim Sunggyu, is from the indie band Nell.

His company, Woollim Entertainment, explained “The consumers are bored with the standard idol groups’ music. We’re doing our best to break the stereotype of ‘being idol-like’, so we’re leaving behind the music that seemed to be always similarly made to come with a new style”.

CREDITS: Daily Sports (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)

{NEWS} 121114 INFINITE’s DVD places 2nd on DVD chart

[Omitted parts irrelevant to Infinite]

Infinite’s DVD ‘2012 INFINITE CONCERT [SECOND INVASION] in JAPAN‘ which was released on the 14th November placed 2nd on Oricon’s Daily DVD chart.

CREDITS: Oricon Album + DVD Charts (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits