{NEWS} 120212 INFINITE reveals their ‘before and after’ shots of their puppies

Two days ago, it was reported that INFINITE would be saying goodbye to their puppies on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘.

The boys became caretakers for three puppies, but because it was for the show, it was only a temporary arrangement. Hearing that it was time for them to part with their beloved pets, they decided to take some ‘before-and-after’ photos for memory’s sake. While trying to precisely reenact their old photos, they realized how much Tofu, Nooroong, and Coco have grown over the past three months.

With an emotional ending that resulted in tears, INFINITE gave away Nooroong and Coco to their new owner, Jang So Young. Meanwhile,Tofu was taken back to the animal shelter with assurances that she would be adopted soon.

You can check out INFINITE’s before-and-after photos with their puppies below the cut.

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{NEWS} 120211 INFINITE say good bye to their three puppies

Idol group INFINITE will be leaving ‘Birth of a Family’.

On an upcoming episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Birth of a Family’, INFINITE will spend their final days with the Jindo puppy siblings Tofu, Nooroong, and Coco after spending three months together with the puppies.

The three puppies are now six months old so a new family must be found for them before they get too attached to the boys of INFINITE.

During the filming as the final hour drew closer, the members looked backed on the memories that they shared with their puppies over the past three months. These memories ranged from when they first brought the dogs home to the photo shoot that they did together. The boys prepared for their puppies’ departure by making them new tags with their new family’s phone numbers on them and gave them their final baths which eventually led them to tears.

The final episode filled with tears and laughter of INFINTE and their three dogs will be aired on February 11th at 5:10PM KST.

CREDITS: Osen (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS + VIDS} 120203 INFINITE directs their own campaign videos against animal abandonment (with English subbed videos)

Idol group INFINITE has produced several PSA videos to help advocate against animal abandonment.

The idea was inspired by INFINITE’s dog, Tofu, who became a temporary family member along with two other Jindo puppies for KBS‘s variety show, ‘Birth of a Family‘.

Since INFINITE can’t keep the puppies, they’ve been made available for adoption through the show. Out of the three, Tofu has yet to find a home; he will have to return to the animal shelter if no one claims him by the end. The boys learned that Tofu’s case is similar to that of the 100,000+ dogs who get abandoned every year.

Disturbed by this issue, the members decided to launch a campaign against animal abandonment. The boys ran the entire production, from PR to filming and acting.

In the videos, the members tried to convey the betrayal felt by a dog when their owner abandons them. “We were happy… Were you…. Were you so good to me so that you could do this? Did you not love me?“, they asked.

Each PSA ends with the message, “If they could speak, would you still throw them away?

Check out the first two PSAs featuring Sungyeol and L below the cut!

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{NEWS} 120129 INFINITE tries to find a good home for their dog ‘Tofu’

On the latest episode of KBS‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘, INFINITE heard the heartbreaking news that one of their three dogs, ‘Tofu‘, didn’t receive any promising offers to be adopted into a new home. At this rate, Tofu would have to return to the animal shelter.

The members of INFINITE are only temporary caretakers, but the boys have grown extremely attached to their dogs. Upset at the idea of how Tofu would return to the cold shelter, they decided to spread ads for Tofu’s adoption through the radio shows, ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘ and ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘.

With INFINITE’s popularity on the rise, many enthusiastic listeners sent in offers to adopt their dog.

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{VIDS} 111203 Birth of a Family Episode 4 English Subbed

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{NEWS} 120114 Dongwoo’s mother reveals Dongwoo’s nude baby photo

On the January 14th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Birth Of A Family‘, the mothers of L and Dongwoo paid a visit to INFINITE‘s dormitory.

L and Dongwoo‘s mother visited the dorm to cook traditional ‘Tteokguk / rice cake soup’ for the boys in celebration of Korean New Year’s. Dongwoo who is the ‘maknae’ of his family showed his mom some ‘aegyo‘ by giving her kisses on the cheek as soon as he laid eyes on her, while L who is the eldest in the family remained quiet and reserved.

While L’s mother brought a letter which made L cry, Dongwoo’s mother brother a nude baby photo of Dongwoo which embarrassed Dongwoo and brough a smile to the faces of his fellow INFINITE members.

CREDITS: TV Report via Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} 120114 INFINITE’s L sheds tears after reading a letter from his mother

INFINITE member L shed some emotional tears after reading a letter from his mother.

During a recording for an episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Birth Of A Family‘, L who saw his mother for the first time in a long while left everyone on the filming set in tears.

L’s mother had come to the INFINITE dormitory along with Dongwoo‘s mother to cook traditional ‘rice cake soup’ for the boys in celebration of New Year’s.

But the way Dongwoo and L reacted when their mothers walked in the door was completely different.

Dongwoo who is the ‘maknae of his family showed his mom some ‘aegyo‘ by giving her kisses on the cheek as soon as he laid eyes on her, while L who is the eldest in the family remained quiet and reserved.

L who normally does not express his inner emotions maintained his distance, so much to the point that the mother who was expecting a warm welcome looked very obviously hurt and disappointed.

But once he read the letter that his mom wrote for him, L suddenly burst into hot tears and his mother and his members who were watching also began tearing, as well as each of the staff members on set.

This episode of ‘Birth Of A Family’ airs on January 14th at 5:05PM KST.

CREDITS: XportsNews via Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits