{NEWS} 110504 INFINITE for May Issue of CECI

INFINITE, who has been gaining much love with their romantic charms, recently posed for CeCi’s May issue.

The concept of the photoshoot was a board game, with mazes and dices in the background. The seven members of INFINITE were able to show off their charms in black and white outfits – fitting in perfectly with their creative props.

Also, Sungyeol and Woohyun displayed a fresh and youthful appearance while sitting on top of the dice leaning against each other. L showed off a model-like pose while standing on top of the dice – catching the eyes of netizens.

Netizens stated, “Where are the boundaries of INFINITE’s charms?”, “There an onion idol – with every peel they show a new charm”, and “The 7 members of risen water”.

Meanwhile, INFINITE is schedule to start promotions for their follow-up track “Can U Smile” on May 12th on Mnet’s “M! Countdown“.

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{PICS} Fantaken; 100901 CeCi 16th Anniversary Party (Woohyun)

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{PICS} Fantaken; 100901 CeCi 16th Anniversary Party (Sunggyu)

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{PICS} Fantaken; 100901 CeCi 16th Anniversary party

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{INTERVIEW} Ceci Magazine September Issue Translations

Interview is completely translated.



1. How do you feel about the nicknames Kenyan and 9999-dimensional? I think it’s because of my slightly different way of thinking and my taste, style. Heuheu!

2. Even if people see me (as someone who doesn’t have a serious side), I really (have a lot of thoughts and I’m a mom who listens well to worries that our members or staffs have things with my members or the staffs).

3. The mood in the dorm? Really loud. Leader hyung makes jokes, Hoya and Woohyun talk, Sungyeol does unexplainable gestures, and Sungjong’s small voice seems to be talking about something intently but you can’t hear it. L just silently smiles.

4. Which member are you the most jealous of? Hoya and Woohyun’s talking skills. Sunggyu hyung’s clean up comment and his vocals. Sungyeol’s height? But I’m barely jealous about this. L’s nose and Sungjong’s aegyo (cute acts).

5. Then oppositely, who is a member you can never be jealous of? Sungyeol’s chubby cheeks! Because I’m a person of the wild.

6. Charming point? Thick lips, eyes that seem like they’re going to charge, and my behind.

7. What is the girl that you wish could be the “She’s coming coming coming to me” part of She’s Back? If it could be a girl who knows herself well, can love me, and look at me then ‘Thank you~’. (Actress Kim Aekyung’s voice tone)

+ Other Members Under the Cut

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{PICS} September Issue Ceci Magazine Scans of Infinite

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