{NEWS} 110909 Infinite, Different From Idols These Days

“Congratulations, Infinite, on being 1st for weekly sales with their official album.” This congratulating caption was placed recently on Mnet M Wide News’ ‘Infinite’s Sesame Player’, because Infinite topped the weekly charts at an album store. Although there were captions that followed it like, “They don’t believe it even after seeing it personally”, “Confidence suddenly rising up high”. On this day, Infinite did street performances to increase their popularity. Although you can say that their fandom’s support brought them to top an important album chart, there are more unknown people that aren’t in the fandom.

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{VIDS} 110722 Music Bank in Tokyo: K-POP Festival – Come Back Again + BTD

CREDITS: UnknownCarrot170 @ YouTube (Videos); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{VIDS} 110401 Come Back Again + Nothing’s Over at Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio

CREDITS: jaghetermary4 @ YouTube (Videos); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{VIDS} 110322 Come Back Again + Nothing’s Over + Can U Smile (Remake) at PKL Starry Night Radio

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{VID} 101002 Music Core – Come Back Again

CREDITS: egg942 @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{VID} 09112010 MBC Music Core – Come Back Again + She’s Back

CREDITS: shu8164 @ Youtube ; stuffedbunny @ Endless Limits

{VID} 08142010 MBC Music Core Summer Special – Come Back Again

The mics are kind of bad for the performance. :(

CREDITS: shu8164 @ Youtube ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits