{NEWS} 121114 INFINITE’s DVD places 2nd on DVD chart

[Omitted parts irrelevant to Infinite]

Infinite’s DVD ‘2012 INFINITE CONCERT [SECOND INVASION] in JAPAN‘ which was released on the 14th November placed 2nd on Oricon’s Daily DVD chart.

CREDITS: Oricon Album + DVD Charts (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{INTERVIEW} 10Ten Story’s November Issue – Infinite getting ready to occupy even the screens


Infinite are making their onscreens debut with their concert’s live movie. Since they sold out their first Arena Tour in Japan, with a capacity of 50,000 seats, they decided to add an additional concert, displaying a potential worthy of the ‘Total-sold-out-dols’.

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{PICS} 121103 Second Invasion Evolution Arena Tour In Kobe


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{NEWS} 120328 – ‘Trending’ Infinite forgetting their birthdays and sweating for their final concert’s rehearsals

Infinite are forgetting even their birthdays and are sweating for their encore concert’s rehearsals.

On April 1st, Infinite will hold an encore concert ‘Second Invasion-Evolution’ in extension to their concerts in February at Seoul’s Olympic Sport Stadium, where they will meet with more than 10,000 fans.

Infinite are striving, practicing from the dawn until very late for the oncoming concert in April. Hoya, the member who turned 22 on March 28th, worthy of his ‘practice-maniac always seeking for a perfect performance’ rumors, delayed his birthday and is absorbed in the rehearsals to show his best image.

Last time, Infinite held 2 concerts at the handball stadium, which were both sold out, so for this encore concert they are drawing attention as they are perfectly matching their ‘Trending-dols’ nickname. This time’s organization is going to be different from the first one; not only is each Infinite member’s solo stage to be changed, but also a  song from their new album, which will be released in May, is going to be revealed.

Moreover, for this concert, 5 live performances are going to be live broadcasted all over the world through Youtube. It’s even more anticipated as they’ve planned to reveal their splendid performance’s making film, including various other videos as well.

CREDITS: Newsen (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)

{NEWS} 120328 INFINITE to partner with YouTube to live stream performances from their encore concert

“Trend idols” INFINITE has partnered with YouTube to put on a special, one-time event.

INFINITE, who is set to hold their encore concert ‘Second Invasion-Evolution‘ at the Seoul Olympic Park Arena on April 1st, will broadcast a special video titled ‘Exclusive! INFINITE Special‘ on YouTube right before the start of the concert.

‘Exclusive! INFINITE Special’ is raising the anticipation of fans as it will not only show various “making-of” clips for INFINITE’s flashy performance, but will also broadcast worldwide five of the songs, live from the encore concert.

World famous rock bands such as U2 and Coldplay, and world famous pop artists have broadcasted their concerts live through YouTube before, but INFINITE is drawing attention for being the first K-Pop artist to ever to broadcast their concert live through YouTube.

INFINITE’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, revealed the purpose of the special event, saying, “Although they are not broadcasting the entire concert, we hope that INFINITE’s fans all over the world can watch the live broadcast of part of their show and feel like they are actually with INFINITE at the actual venue.”

A representative from YouTube also revealed, “Starting with INFINITE, YouTube plans to form strategic partnerships with other K-Pop artists to continuously generate new content.”

INFINITE is currently increasing the anticipation of fans with their fierce teaser for the encore concert.

CREDITS: Hankyung via Naver (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

Pretty sure many of you knew this already, just waiting for an official announcement from Woollim =)

{VID} 120327 Second Invasion Evolution Teaser

CREDITS: woolliment @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} 120321 – Infinite, Revealing Their New Song For the First Time at Their Encore Concert, ‘Full Anticipation’

Popular boy group, Infinite, will be revealing their new song at their encore concert.

Infinite will be revealing one of the new songs off their album, which is to be released in May, during their encore concert at Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena, ‘Second Invasion- Evolution’ on April 1st. They, who sold out their solo concert 4 times in a row in Korea and Japan as well, decided to reveal a new song at their concert in order to repay the fans’ support.

At this performance, the Infinite members will show their own stages where they make a 180 degree change. First, they plan to reveal their new song that has been hidden behind a veil, and have it personally accompanied by the leader, Sunggyu. The members revealed their strong hopes by saying, “We’re practicing with the mindset that this isn’t an encore concert but as if it was our first concert.”

Also, they’ll be strengthening any parts they felt were lacking during their first solo concert in February and plan to create a more amazing show at a large performance hall.

Their company showed confidence as they expressed, “As an upgraded version of the last performance, this encore performance has been filled with various components. Also, it will become the best performance for the members and fans to breathe as close as they can together and be together.”

Meanwhile, Infinite will be opening their encore concert on April 1st at Seoul Bangi-dong Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena.

CREDITS: The Star (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)

{NEWS} 120313 – ‘Live type Idols’ Infinite’s Live Concert

‘Live type Idols’ First solo concert’s location

Infinite’s Live Concert

The live type idols who have successfully ended their first solo concert, Infinite invites everyone to a great live performance.


2012 Infinite’s concert SECOND INVASION

Among the numerous idol groups that came out after 2000, only few will become groups that have concerts that are sold out, only one year after their debut. Starting from 2011, Infinite got into a wave of popularity, their two concerts on February 11th and 12th 2012 were sold out in only 10 minutes, the ‘Total Sold Out-Dols’ are marking the public with the destructive power of their ticket sales.

Even if it was their first solo concert, they went here and there on stage, without showing the slightest sign of nervousness, with only one concert they turned themselves into ‘Live type Idols’. Infinite, that got us used to a perfectly precise choreography took their performance to a higher level and gave us a colorful image during these two hours and a half, showing steady live skills and a fancy direction. It was a concert where they showed affectionate fanservice that can’t be seen on broadcast, exceptional solo stages, and Infinite’s members’ sincere and bold comments that caught the fan’s hearts.

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{VID} 120309 Infinite Second Invasion Evolution Poster BTS

CREDITS: shu35151226 @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{VID} 120304 Tokyo Hallyu Music Fashion Show KISS – BTD (Japan Ver.) + Be Mine + Talk + Paradise

CREDITS: kpopidolinfinite @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

MBC previously only broadcasted Be Mine.