{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 2)

Hoya is filming ‘Reply 1997’ right now. The alumni reunion scene that made us wonder who Sung Siwon’s husband is!

◆1991 born Lee Howon experiences ‘1997’

Returning to 1997 was more interesting than I had thought. Although it is a totally different generation, because I was interested in it from before I looked it up on the internet and studied it. It is also true that I worried a lot because I had to act with hyungs like Eun Jiwon senior who have a large age gap with me. But actually starting filming and talking with them, there were absolutely no uncomfortable things. I actually treated them so comfortably that it was to the point where people around me would worry and ask “Can you really do that?” Hahaha.

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{INTERVIEW} 121115 – STAR COLUMN: INFINITE 2nd SECTION. Hoya, L changed (Part 1)

Idol’s acting challenge. It is no longer strange. Many idol stars have transformed into ‘acting-dols’ through the braun tube, screen and have tasted both success and failure. Infinite as expected is no different. Hoya was active in finished drama ‘Reply 1997’ and L is currently enthusiastically performing in sitcom ‘What is Mom.’ Both people have been marked by the viewers and have received favorable comments. Hoya and L, who have attempted a new area and have released a different charm. Let’s listen to the vivid back story of each ‘Kang Junhee’ and ‘Kim Myungsoo’s’ transformation.

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{INTERVIEW} 10Ten Story’s November Issue – Infinite getting ready to occupy even the screens


Infinite are making their onscreens debut with their concert’s live movie. Since they sold out their first Arena Tour in Japan, with a capacity of 50,000 seats, they decided to add an additional concert, displaying a potential worthy of the ‘Total-sold-out-dols’.

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{INTERVIEW} 111227 Popolo Magazine – February 2012 Issue

<Ranking In Between Members>

Q1. Who is the most playful member?

Q2. Who is the sexiest member?

Q3. Who is the manliest member?

Q4. Who is the cutest member?

Q5. Who is the kindest member?

Q6. Who speaks the best among the members?


1. Birthday, Blood type

2. Favorite stew type food

3. Ideal type of woman


Sunggyu (Main Vocal)

I’m the leader 

1. 1989.4.28. Blood type: A

2. Kimchi jjigae/stew, Soybean paste jjigae/stew

3. Someone who’s cute, sexy, and who’s smiling looks are charming

Q1. Dongwoo – Dongwoo has a lively and bright personality. He’s good at jokes and really likes to kid around. But even so, the loud one is still Woohyun.

Q2. Sungjong – His face style is sexy too. Everyone says this so I think it’s at a point where I don’t have to explain myself!

Q3. Sunggyu – When we received 1st place on a music broadcast, all the other members cried, but I didn’t cry once.

Q4. Sungjong – When you look at him, he looks like a puppy. When the members are tired, he talks to us and says, ‘Gain strength and work hard!’

Q5. Sungyeol – When I see how he treats fans, I think that he’s a kind kid. He either talks to them or reads their letters.

Q6. Sunggyu – Rather than being good, I just work hard at it. Because I’m the leader, there are many chances to talk in places like interviews.


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{INTERVIEW} 111001 INFINITE shudders as they compare their old dorm to their new one

Earlier this week, INFINITE‘s Woohyun revealed the story behind their old dorm, and shared some details about their new place on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart’. On September 30th, additional info was released by the members during an interview backstage at ‘Music Bank’.

After achieving their 1st win, the members were finally granted a new dorm by the CEO of Woollim Entertainment. The boys made their move on Sunday, September 25th to Joosang Bok Hap Apartments. When asked about their new dorm, the members didn’t hesitate in sharing their feelings.

According to the members, the new spacious dorm consists of 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. The roommate assignments are Sunggyu and Woohyun, and Hoya and Sungjong. While those four get the smaller rooms, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and L, have to share the big room with their manager.

Woohyun expressed, “Everything has gotten better. The old dorm is on the level of a haunted house if you compared it to the new one. The walls are soundproof so we can listen to all the music we want and practice.” Sungyeol revealed, “To preserve the cleanliness of our room, we decided to throw away everything [that was] on the floor.” Dongwoo added, “We didn’t have a closet in our old dorm, but here we have a built-in closet, so it’s easy to organize.”

We’ll think of this as a fresh start and work hard,” said L.

Although it’s almost been a week since they moved in, the members confessed that they still haven’t been able to unpack everything. With their jam-packed schedule, they’ve been unpacking little by little each day. Hoya explained, “It has now started to take the form of a home, but there is still a lot to organize.”

Hilariously, a few of the members passionately declared that they would never go back to their old dorm. Sungjong expressed, “Whenever we leave our house now, we can see the old dorm [along the way]. I pledged never to go back there again.” Sunggyu said, “Even though we lived in our old dorm for 3 years, I have no lingering affections for that place. I have zero attachment to it. I never want to go back. Also, even though we were able to move dorms, there are still a lot of other things we have to change, such as our car. We still have a long way to go.”

INFINITE is currently in the midst of promoting their 1st repackaged album. With their title track, “Paradise”, they’ve been sweeping both the digital and physical album sales charts, as well as becoming the #1 searched term on various portal sites and reaching #1 on Olleh Music‘s ‘Social Chart‘.

CREDITS: Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{PICS+INTERVIEW} 110921 INFINITE gets classy for GQ Korea

*Updated with translated interview

With the release of GQ Korea‘s October issue, fans will be delighted to see a new photospread featuring the members of INFINITE.

It seems that the stylists of this photoshoot were going for the fashionably preppy style, dressing the members in monochrome shades with  splashes of red and olive green. With creative poses on an Oriental rug with a plain white backdrop, the members deliver a chic “boys to men” concept in this photospread.

Check out the photos below the cut.

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{INTERVIEW} 110915 – The 7 ‘Cider-like’ Boys Who Don’t Know How to Stop! Meeting with Idol Group, Infinite

‘The 7 ‘Cider-like’ Boys Who Don’t Know How to Stop! Meeting with Idol Group, Infinite’

“Hello! We are Infinite.” The loud interview with Infinite started like that. Oh my, they say an idol is coming. Just like how I started my first interview, I forgot where to start with my questions, where I should look at, and what I should talk about.

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