{PICS} 120328 Infinite in Music Bank Magazine Japan May Issue

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On November 19th, 2011, Infinite debuted in Japan, a debut that was filled with much anticipation. On the day before, on the 18th, they held a debut press conference, at Kawasaki Lazona, where 10 thousand fans gathered for their debut event. Japan’s fiery line of vision was focused on their “Synchro-Rate 99.9%”’s scorpion dance.

Practice, practice, and more practice

On the day before Infinite’s Japanese debut on the 18th, Infinite held a mini concert and a high-five event at Kawasaki Lazona as their press conference and post activities. There were 200 different media companies that heard news about their perfect, 99.9% synchro-rate! Just like the cover of their album, the members entered the stage with refreshing, white clothes and they all used Japanese to say hello to the audience. Regarding their Japanese debut, Sunggyu, as the leader, was the first to speak: “We have been waiting for a long time. Because we’re extremely excited, our hearts, even now, are still beating violently!” Hoya said, “Since the start, we were in Korea, to be able to debut in Japan was a dream. Our dream has now been fulfilled and of course, we’re very happy.” Dongwoo, who creates the atmosphere, when asked to disclose about the recording, he said “The Japanese ‘tsu’ is very hard to pronounce… But now, I can say it accurately! Tsu~ Tsu~ Tsu!!!” and the entire audience erupted into laughter.

When asked about Infinite’s signature: The 99.9% synchro-rate scorpion dance, Sungyeol said: “Even though everyone is praising our 99.9% synchro-rate group dance, but, to be able to reach this standard, you have to be reliant on teamwork.” After Woohyun said, “Practice, practice, practice” in Japanese, he continued: “In Korea, we’re even called the group that’s ‘crazy over practicing.’ Because we practice over 18 hours daily, only like that, we’re able to ensure the members’ teamwork and chemistry. Practicing so hard like that, only then, the scorpion dance was born. To be able to complete the scorpion dance, it’s dependant on practice and hard work.” At the end, Woohyun said to the fans: “We’ll practice till the extent of our bodies breaking!” L said: “If there’s a chance, we want to attend the ‘Kouhaku Uta Gassen’ (T/N: It’s a prestigious end-of-year music festival in Japan for only the best artists, meaning ‘Red & White Song Festival’.); we want to show everyone our dance.” Sungyeol said: “We want to practice until the standard where if we go out, people will shout: ‘Ah! It’s Infinite!’, that kind of standard.” Everyone expressed their ambitions regarding their Japan debut.

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{PICS} 120119 Infinite in Singapore Teens Magazine Scans

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CREDITS: teensmag @ Facebook; as tagged; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{PICS} 120121 Japanese Magazine Haru Hana Scans

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{NEWS} 111210 INFINITE to appear in W Korea magazine

INFINITE, who has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity lately will be featured in an upcoming issue of W Korea magazine.

On December 10th, the official twitter account for W Korea shared a preview of the upcoming pictorial spread with a photo of MyungSoo and SungYeol.

Additionally, they shared that the editor was quite impressed with the boys and that the full spread should be released in early 2012.

CREDITS: W Korea Twitter (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{PICS} 110928 More photos of Infinite for ‘GQ Korea’

The members of INFINITE have transformed into dashing gentlemen for the October edition of men’s lifestyle magazine, ‘GQ Korea‘.

On September 28th, new shots from their pictorial were released online, showing the boys in a mature new look consisting of red and black pieces.  The photoshoot allowed fans to see how much they’ve grown over the past year from boys into men.

By combining suits together with other casual pieces, the boys exuded a natural yet smooth charisma in their photos.  Netizens commented, “They’ve truly become men now”, “Romantic men fit for the fall season”, and “They look so amazing in those suits!”

CREDITS: My Daily via Naver (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{PICS+INTERVIEW} 110921 INFINITE gets classy for GQ Korea

*Updated with translated interview

With the release of GQ Korea‘s October issue, fans will be delighted to see a new photospread featuring the members of INFINITE.

It seems that the stylists of this photoshoot were going for the fashionably preppy style, dressing the members in monochrome shades with  splashes of red and olive green. With creative poses on an Oriental rug with a plain white backdrop, the members deliver a chic “boys to men” concept in this photospread.

Check out the photos below the cut.

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