{VID} 121119 Making of 60 Seconds MV

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{NEWS} 121115 – Music charts, ‘Idol groups going missing’ incident…Did the bubble burst?

[T/N: Omitted parts not pertaining to Infinite]

As the analysis shows that the Idol market reached its limit, the K-Pop companies overcame the crisis with musical changes. Sistar’s Soyou let us hear a new music by doing a vocal featuring in ‘Officially Missing You’ by Hongdae’s indie duo, Geeks. And the producer of Infinite’s first member to go solo, Kim Sunggyu, is from the indie band Nell.

His company, Woollim Entertainment, explained “The consumers are bored with the standard idol groups’ music. We’re doing our best to break the stereotype of ‘being idol-like’, so we’re leaving behind the music that seemed to be always similarly made to come with a new style”.

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{VID} 121107 Hoya’s Birthday Message at Seo In Guk’s Fanmeeting

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{NEWS} 120326 Jang Nara is a fan of INFINITE?

Jang Nara, who returned with “I Only Think of You” after 4 years, revealed in an interview on March 26th KST that her favorite idol group is none other than INFINITE.

The singer and actress stated, “These days a lot of idols have debuted, and I think their talents are pretty impressive. Among [the idols], I find myself looking at INFINITE the most.” She added, “Whenever I see INFINITE on stage, they’re always overflowing with energy. I like that kind of manly image,” making it obvious that the star is indeed a fan of the group.

Jang Nara plans on promoting her new album and performing actively.

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{NEWS} 120319 – ‘KPOP Star’ Lee Seunghoon, “I was envious after Infinite’s Hoya became a singer”

Lee Seunghoon from SBS ‘Good Sunday-Survival Audition KPOP Star’, revealed his friendship with Infinite’s Hoya.

In a recent interview with SBS, Lee Seunghoon expressed, “After seeing Infinite’s Hoya, who I danced together with in Busan, become a singer, I became really envious. I recently contacted Hoya. He cheered me on by saying, “Seunghoon-ah, I’m watching you well. Work hard and let’s see each other on stage later on.

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{NEWS} 120310 Top idols to perform and walk the runway for ‘K-Collection in Seoul’

Top stars like Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, IU, MBLAQ, INFINITE, T-ara, miss A, SECRET, Nine Muses, and many more will be walking the runway as well as performing for the ‘K-Collection In Seoul‘!

Scheduled to be held on March 11th at the Olympic Park Gymnasium, ‘K-Collection In Seoul’ has prepared an amazing line up of idol group performers for their show. In addition, 15 idol members will be walking the runway and showcasing various fashion styles for the launch of Korea’s first ever ‘fashion concert’. Other attendees include Yeo Jin Gu, former supermodels Choi Yeo Jin and Gong Hyun Joo, Hwang In Young, Yoo Min, Seulong, and more.

Fans are already busy guessing on who will be walking the runway with comments like, “I hope Big Bang gets on the runway,” “I want to see Hyomin’s power walk,” and “Will K-Pop’s Hallyu influence the Korean fashion market as well?”

Representatives of ‘K-Collection’ stated, “Not only will some of Korea’s best K-Pop stars present a fantastic performance, they will also be walking the runway to create a fashion show never seen before in Korea.”

The event will be in collaboration with 20 fashion beauty brands and designers, in an effort to shed light on and help market local Korean brands that are being overshadowed by international brands.

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{NEWS} 120309 Two Months’ Kim Yerim & INFINITE’s L release MV for duet single, “Love U Like U”

Kim Yerim & L who are currently starring in ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘ will be releasing their first duet single.

The official audio single, “Love U Like U” from tvN‘s drama series ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ will be released on March 12th. INFINITE‘s L and Two Months‘ Kim Yerim are establishing their own love line in the series, and on a recent episode, Yerim asked L (Lee Hyunsoo) to record a duet song together. Since then, viewers have been curious to know if their duet song would be released as a single.

The other OSTs recorded by their fellow actors Lee Minki, Sung Joon, Kim Min Suk, and more have been released on a weekly basis, and fans have been sending in overwhelming requests for L & Yerim’s song to be released as well.

“Love U Like U” is a track with a restored acoustic sound, and it sings of a man who cannot hide his emotions for a woman who only sees him as a friend. Kim Yerim who has until now only collaborated with her fellow Two Months’ member Do Dae Yoon has created a beautiful harmony with INFINITE’s L.

Things are still a little awkward when it’s just the two of us, but we became a little more comfortable after we started singing together,” the two remarked.

The single will be available for purchase on March 12th. Check out the MV below the cut!

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