{VIDS} 111229 Mnet M! Countdown – Be Mine + Paradise

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{VID} 110929 Mnet M! Countdown – Paradise

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{NEWS} 110909 – ‘Trending-dol’ Infinite, winning 1st place and moving ‘Goal achieved!’

As Infinite got first, they’re changing dorms.

Through a phonecall with OSEN and the concerned part, they declared that they’re “Putting the house (their current dorm) on sale” and “The dorm they’ll move in is a new apartment. They’re happy to leave”. It is said that the members can’t hide their joy.

One year after their debut, Infinite won 1st place on Mnet ‘M!Countdown’ for 2 weeks straight becoming Trend-dols. They’re right now receiving tons of requests from all the music and broadcasting programs.

Infinite’s dorm is already famous amongst fans. Infinite’s dorm, that’s located in Mangwon, is a common 2 story house that’s getting a bit old, Infinite has been living there from their trainee days. It was also shown on broadcasts. Its appearance may look a bit worn out but to the fans it’s already a place they’re attached to.

Infinite told a funny episode during their interview with OSEN “When you’re talking with the members in the house, the fans can hear all of it”.

Infinite’s company promised that if they were 1st on a music program, they were going to change dorms, so the members got strength from wanting to achieve that goal. And Infinite finally realised that dream.

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{VID} 110908 Mnet M! Countdown – Be Mine + Win

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Second win!

{NEWS} 110907 Infinite and other artists on Mnet’s first ‘RT M! Countdown’

The show began with a brief look at what went on before the show with INFINITE, G.NA, MBLAQ, Nine Muses, and TEEN TOP. In addition, TEEN TOP gave an informal interview on their thoughts about “Don’t Spray Perfume” and their ideal girl types. During the short interview conducted with MBLAQ’s Seung Ho, he promised a hand kiss during their “I Don’t Know” performance, as a present for their international audience. As promised, he did indeed perform the hand kiss during their stage.

‘RT M! Countdown’ also counted down their favorite 5 K-pop dance performances of 2011.  5th through 2nd place were chosen for their addictive dance moves that were easy to follow. 1st place was given to the group who had a difficult routine that only people with stamina could accomplish.

5th place: 4minute – “Mirror Mirror”

4th place: T-ara – “Roly Poly”

3rd place: B2ST – ”Fiction”

2nd place: Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”

1st place: miss A – “Goodbye Baby”

Mnet then revealed one more group, stating, “This dance was so difficult that we couldn’t even recommend it to you until now”. This group turned out to be none other than INFINITE, whose ‘scorpion dance’ from “BTD” was described as, “The hardest choreography out of all the 2011 K-Pop dance performances”.

G.NA’s comeback stage for “Top Girl” was also included along with a brief interview on how she felt about her comeback performance.

This episode of RT M! Countdown was brought to a close with INFINITE’s 1st place win and an interview with them backstage. Congratulations, INFINITE!

Check out the video below the cut!

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{NEWS} 110904 INFINITE talks about their 1st place win & expanding into Japan

After working tirelessly to attain their place in the sun, INFINITE finally secured their first music program win on September 1st through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘. Experiencing a sudden surge of interest, the group decided that now was the right time to announce their plans of officially expanding into Japan.

INFINITE’s management told Star News on the 4th, “Even though promotions have not yet begun, the current reaction in Japan is positive,” and expressed their confidence by stating,“In the later half of this year with promotions going on in both Korea and Japan, INFINITE will be able to establish a color unique to them.”

INFINITE have already started to segue into Japan thanks to member L, who participated in the popular Japanese drama, ‘Jiu’. The drama has been recording high viewer ratings as well as extensive media coverage from Japan — the achievement is all the more noteworthy because the drama airs during the late Friday night time slot.

INFINITE plans to reveal the Japanese version of “BTD” this coming November, and are determined to secure their place as the next generation of Hallyu stars.

The positive atmosphere that surrounds the group at the moment seems to bode well for the good things awaiting them. The members shared their thoughts about their emotional 1st win while shedding tears.

Leader Sung Gyu was overcome with emotion stating, “Being more tense than I had ever been in my whole life, I couldn’t think”.

Woo Hyun commented, “I couldn’t believe that this moment was the first 1st place of my life. I had blanked out to the point that I didn’t even realize tears were coming out of my eyes”. Sung Jong added, “I wasn’t sure whether it was reality or a dream. All the difficult times from the past scanned through my head. This win had a especially big meaning being that it was our 1st win with our 1st album after 1 year of debut. I’m thankful to the fans”. 

The song that won them the award, “Be Mine“, is an intense synth-pop dance song produced by Sweetune (made up of Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo), the brains behind KARA’s hit songs.

CREDITS: Star News via Naver (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{INTERVIEW} 110903 – Infinite, First Time Winning 1st Place After a Year Since Debut, “Still Dazed”

Boy group, Infinite, talked about their touched thoughts about being on the top on a music program for the first time since their debut.

Infinite got their first 1st place award with the first official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine’, on September 1st at Mnet M! Countdown. This is their valuable result after a year.

Infinite released their album on July 20th and reached the top after around 45 days. With their patented ‘angled choreography’ and refined style as their priority, they’ve been gaining popularity.

The members, who heard the good news, started to shed hot tears and gave their thankful words to Star News. Leader Sunggyu was touched and said, “It was really a day with the best moment. I was the most tense at that time than I ever have been before, so I couldn’t think at all.”

Following this, they said their thanks, “We kept checking if we really were 1st place and we’ll become an Infinite that continues to improve. We thank everyone and we love you.”

Dongwoo, Sungyeol, and Hoya thought about the moment where the members were called for 1st place.

Dongwoo said, “When I watched from behind as other singers get 1st place, I was only envious. But once we were placed on the candidates, I was so nervous and tense that I couldn’t think of anything.” And added, “Times that were tough were flashing through my mind along with our families and once we saw fans crying, we started crying endlessly.”

Sungyeol said, “I couldn’t believe it when they said we were first on stage. Once I came off the stage and looked at the prize, I started remembering about all the tough things we’ve been through and started crying.” Hoya showed his touched feelings, “After 1st place was revealed, I was so happy that I started to smile. Then I started thinking about the hard times and tears started to come out without me knowing. I’m really happy because I feel like I’m finally starting my dream.”

They didn’t forget their thanks towards fans.

Woohyun said, “I couldn’t believe it because it was my first 1st place in my life. I was blanked out to the point that I didn’t even know tears were coming out of my eyes.” Sungjong added, “I was confused whether it was reality or if it was a dream. All the hard times were passing by like a scanner. And it has a big meaning that after 1 year, our 1st official album got 1st place. I’m thankful to the fans.”

L, who is currently promoting as a lead in a Japanese drama, said, “Honestly, I still can’t believe it. When I found out we were 1st place, I kept saying ‘Really?’ and thought about the time I was with all the members for the first time.”

Their first official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine, is a fierce synth-pop dance song by the famous producers, Han Jaeho and Kim Seungsoo from ‘Sweetune’, who created KARA’s hit songs. It’s a song that gives a unique feeling because the light melody and angled choreography differ from each other, but fit well.

Infinite’s ‘angled choreography’ is the main thing that created their own team’s color. Continuing from sharp moves of the ‘scorpion dance’ from ‘BTD’, they showed the ‘protractor dance’ this time. The members dominate the stage with unified moves that seem like they were measured out perfectly.

Infinite, who debuted last June with ‘Come Back Again’, starting growing with many hit songs like ‘She’s Back’, ‘BTD’, and ‘Nothing’s Over’. Infinite, who rose to the top with ‘Be Mine’, is getting ready for Japanese promotions.

CREDITS: Money Today Star News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)