{VID} 120318 INFINITE Be Mine Japanese Version PV

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{VID} 111205 INFINITE White Confession MV

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{VID} 110926 INFINITE Paradise MV

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{VID} 110721 INFINITE Be Mine MV

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{VID} 110317 INFINITE Nothing’s Over MV

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{VID} 110118 INFINITE releases dance version of “Before The Dawn” MV!

Having previously released their music video and the dance rehearsal clips for “Before the Dawn“, Woolim Entertainment has revealed the ‘dance version’ of INFINITE’s comeback MV.

One thing that sticks out in this video is their point choreography, the ‘Scorpion Dance.’

The scorpion dance features the members in a circle with their legs up as if to spit venom. The move is a highly complex one that requires for them to push themselves off of the floor using only of their arms. When it was first revealed, many speculated it to be an edited clip that was later inserted.

Because the move requires that each of the members synchronize themselves into a circle, they suffered slight and minor injuries during their rehearsals.

So sit back and enjoy their dance choreography!

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{NEWS} 110107 Before the Dawn MV gets a mature rating

INFINITE’s new music video for “Before the Dawn” (or “BTD“) received a mature rating and has been cited as inappropriate for minors because of its violent content.

Their management company, Woolim Entertainment, stated that their intention was to visualize the inner conflict of the characters in the video, and that their goal was not gratuitous violence.

They added, “We’re searching for a solution. We expect that it’ll all be resolved as we don’t believe that the content is damaging to minors.”

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{VID} 110105 INFINITE Before the Dawn MV!

It’s out! EPIC! *Q*

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{VID} 101220 Strawberry Fields releases MV for “Starlight March” featuring INFINITE’s L

INFINITE’s L was recently recruited to be featured in the main role in Strawberry Field’s MV for ‘Starlight March’ from his first project album, “Doppleganger”.

L already had some experience in acting in music videos through his appearance in the MV for Epik High’s ‘Run’ and this time around L transformed into an innocent and more mature character for ‘Starlight March’. The album was released on December 20th and shortly after the MV was released on Woolim Entertainment’s official YouTube page.

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{VID} 100810 Arirang Showbiz Extra: Infinite She’s Back MV Making

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