{INTERVIEW} 111227 Popolo Magazine – February 2012 Issue

<Ranking In Between Members>

Q1. Who is the most playful member?

Q2. Who is the sexiest member?

Q3. Who is the manliest member?

Q4. Who is the cutest member?

Q5. Who is the kindest member?

Q6. Who speaks the best among the members?


1. Birthday, Blood type

2. Favorite stew type food

3. Ideal type of woman


Sunggyu (Main Vocal)

I’m the leader 

1. 1989.4.28. Blood type: A

2. Kimchi jjigae/stew, Soybean paste jjigae/stew

3. Someone who’s cute, sexy, and who’s smiling looks are charming

Q1. Dongwoo – Dongwoo has a lively and bright personality. He’s good at jokes and really likes to kid around. But even so, the loud one is still Woohyun.

Q2. Sungjong – His face style is sexy too. Everyone says this so I think it’s at a point where I don’t have to explain myself!

Q3. Sunggyu – When we received 1st place on a music broadcast, all the other members cried, but I didn’t cry once.

Q4. Sungjong – When you look at him, he looks like a puppy. When the members are tired, he talks to us and says, ‘Gain strength and work hard!’

Q5. Sungyeol – When I see how he treats fans, I think that he’s a kind kid. He either talks to them or reads their letters.

Q6. Sunggyu – Rather than being good, I just work hard at it. Because I’m the leader, there are many chances to talk in places like interviews.


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