{VIDS} Samsung Galaxy Player CFs – L, Hoya, Sungjong

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{NEWS+VID} 111115 Boom, INFINITE’s Sungjong, Yang Se Hyung, Jung Juri and Jo Jung Rin parody SNSD’s “The Boys” on ‘Strong Heart’

On the November 15th episode of SBS‘s Strong Heart, two groups of people parodied SNSD‘s hit song “The Boys“.

Jung Juri and Jo Jung Rin started the show by perfectly dancing to “The Boys” choreography and were later joined by SNSD’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, YoonA and Yuri.

Right after their performance, a reconfigured Boom Academy shocked the audience by doing their own comedic parody to the song.

Due to Super Junior‘s busy schedule, Boom temporarily had INFINITE‘s Sungjong and comedian Jang Se Hyung as replacement members in Boom Academy. The three then hilariously dressed as the SNSD members and danced to “The Boys” choreography.

In particular netizens pointed out how pretty Sungjong looked dressed up as Tiffany, with a wig and purple dress. Check out their performance below the cut!

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{NEWS} 111115 SNSD Tiffany admits she fancies INFINITE’s Hoya

On the November 15th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, SNSD‘s Yoona praised the INFINITE members by saying, “We are cheering for INFINITE. They’re extremely synchronized when it comes to their dance, and they work really hard“.

Fellow member Tiffany added, “When we watch them dance, it reminds us of ourselves when we first debuted“, as she smiled thinking about the past.

MC Lee Seung Gi then bluntly asked Tiffany which member had left the biggest impression on her, causing everyone to jeer at his obvious attempts to create a love line as INFINITE’s maknae Sunjong anticipated her answer. To his dismay, however, Tiffany honestly admitted with a shy smile, that is was “Hoya“.

Sungjong was quick to express his hurt feelings by stating, “Oh, maybe Hoya should’ve come out today instead…“, continuing the laughs on set.

In related news, the SNSD members previously revealed that they were fans of their junior idol group, INFINITE on SBS Power FMChoi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘, garnering the attention of netizens.

CREDITS: TVReport via Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} 111115 INFINITE’s Sungjong reveals their new luxurious dorm on ‘Strong Heart’

Back in September INFINITE member Woohyun revealed INFINITE’s less than stellar living conditions on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

He said that they lived in a worn out place where water leaked from the roof and they had mold on their walls. Their company’s president promised he would move the boys to a better home if they won 1st place in the music charts, which they did with the track “Be Mine“.

On November 15th’s episode of ‘Strong Heart’, INFINITE’s Sungjong appeared on the show and stated, “After INFINITE won 1st place for ‘Be Mine’, our company’s president (kept his promise) and moved us to a new luxurious dorm”.

With that he revealed a video comparing their old and new dorm. The INFINITE members were all smiles proudly showing off their new modern dorm, equipped with a security system along with a large, clean, and very spacious living area. SNSD‘s Yoona and Tiffany also congratulated and complimented the boys on their hard work.

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{PICS} 110920 Infinite reveals photo teasers for L, Sunggyu and Sungjong

CREDITS: Infinite’s Official Website (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} 110910 INFINITE’s Dongwoo & Sungjong dress up in hanboks for Chuseok

INFINITE‘s Dongwoo and Sungjong captured fans’ hearts with an adorable couple look in their hanboks, just in time for Chuseok!

On September 9th, pictures of Sungjong and Dongwoo surfaced on an internet message board. Showing off their cute poses, the boys gave us a peek at their softer side, which contrasts dramatically with their strong stage image.

Fans commented, “Thanks to you oppas, I think I will spend an enjoyable Chuseok”, “The couple hanboks are so pretty”, and “I think I’m going to melt from that heart”.

CREDITS: Herald (Source + Photos); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} 110826 Infinite’s Sungjong, Transforms Into ‘Bunny Sungjong’ — Adorable

Infinite’s member, Sungjong, transformed into a ‘bunny boy’.

This has recently been drawing attention on an internet board with the title of ‘Bunny Sungjong’. It’s a picture that he took with Go Youngwook and Kim Yongpyo, while recording for E Channel’s ‘Life or Death Situation 1%’.

In the picture, Sungjong is wearing a red sailor outfit and a bunny ears headband, emphasizing his cuteness. 

Go Youngwook, who usually shows infinite affection to Sungjong on ‘Life or Death Situation 1%’, drew attention for tightly hugging Sungjong.

Netizens showed various reactions like, “That man, Sungjong, who is prettier than women”, “It’s really cute”, “I understand Go Youngwook’s Sungjong-sickness”.

Meanwhile, Sungjong’s group, Infinite, is in the middle of actively promoting their title song, ‘Be Mine’, off their official first album.

CREDITS: Donga News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)