{VID} 121119 Pops in Seoul; Sungyeol as the 2nd Idol Star Lacking in Singing Skills

CREDITS: arirangworld @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

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{NEWS} 121109 – Infinite “Focusing on individual activities for the time being… the new album is still being planned”

The popular male idol group, Infinite, is focusing on individual activities for the time being.

The representants of Infinite’s company, Woollim Entertainment, told OBS Plus about Infinite’s future activities “They’re planning to focus on their individual activities for now”.

Following what their representants stated, when the leader, Kim Sunggyu, will release his first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, he’s going to promote it officially; L is, as expected, going to focus on the filming of the MBC Sunday sitcom ‘What Is Mom’.

Recently, including Hoya who made a splendid onscreen debut by showing his excellent acting on tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’, and Sungyeol who challenged acting starting by MBC’s weekend soap opera ‘You did well, you did well’ followed by SBS’ Sunday drama ‘When You Fall Asleep’ last year, they’re getting known as the propositions are constantly coming in for the other members as well. Infinite’s new album is still at the stage of project so their position is to focus on each of the members’ individual activities.

On the other hand, ‘Shine’, a song from Sunggyu’s first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, was released on November 7th at noon allowing him to get the first ranks on every music sites, which shows his potential.

CREDITS: OBS Plus (Source); Emilie @ infinite updates (Translations)

{VIDS} Samsung Galaxy Player CFs – Sunggyu, Dongwoo and Sungyeol

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{NEWS + VIDS} 120203 INFINITE directs their own campaign videos against animal abandonment (with English subbed videos)

Idol group INFINITE has produced several PSA videos to help advocate against animal abandonment.

The idea was inspired by INFINITE’s dog, Tofu, who became a temporary family member along with two other Jindo puppies for KBS‘s variety show, ‘Birth of a Family‘.

Since INFINITE can’t keep the puppies, they’ve been made available for adoption through the show. Out of the three, Tofu has yet to find a home; he will have to return to the animal shelter if no one claims him by the end. The boys learned that Tofu’s case is similar to that of the 100,000+ dogs who get abandoned every year.

Disturbed by this issue, the members decided to launch a campaign against animal abandonment. The boys ran the entire production, from PR to filming and acting.

In the videos, the members tried to convey the betrayal felt by a dog when their owner abandons them. “We were happy… Were you…. Were you so good to me so that you could do this? Did you not love me?“, they asked.

Each PSA ends with the message, “If they could speak, would you still throw them away?

Check out the first two PSAs featuring Sungyeol and L below the cut!

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{VID} 111226 Infinite’s Christmas Present English Subbed

CREDITS: inspiritsubsII @ YouTube (Video); Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

If I’m not wrong this was taken at the shoot for the 2012 calendar.

{NEWS} 111210 INFINITE to appear in W Korea magazine

INFINITE, who has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity lately will be featured in an upcoming issue of W Korea magazine.

On December 10th, the official twitter account for W Korea shared a preview of the upcoming pictorial spread with a photo of MyungSoo and SungYeol.

Additionally, they shared that the editor was quite impressed with the boys and that the full spread should be released in early 2012.

CREDITS: W Korea Twitter (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} 111117 INFINITE’s Woohyun asks his loves to wait for him

INFINITE member Woohyun shared an adorable selca photo with his fans.

On the 17th, Woohyun wrote via his official Twitter , “I’ll be back in one piece. It’s really cold these days. Please make sure you guys don’t catch a cold. Fighting. My loves, you’re going to wait for me, right?

In the shared photo, Woohyun is wearing a hunter green winter jacket and smiling gently for the camera. Next to him is fellow member Sungyeol who charmed his fans wearing a red sweater and an adorable wool hat.

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “They have such milky skin“, “I guess Infinite went to Japan. I’ll wait for you“, and “I’ll look forward to your Japanese promotions“.

INFINITE will be releasing their first Japanese single, “BEFORE THE DAWN (BTD)” on the 19th to officially kick off their Japanese promotions.

CREDITS: Chosun via Nate (Souce); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

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