{INTERVIEW} October Issue of Junior Magazine; Colorful Infinite

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{MISC} Translated Fan Accounts of Infinite’s First Fan Meeting

* This is a male fan


Since fanmeetings are something new to me

Went there with a beating heart.

And because there weren’t a lot of males, it was really embarrassing and awkward;;;

+ Rest of the fan account & 1 more fan account under the cut

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{NEWS} 100926 Infinite, Opens a Fanmeeting for Their 100th Since Debut

<Joy News 24>

Group Infinite will have their first ever fan meeting since debut to celebrate their 100th day.

Infinite will have their first fan meeting hosted on the 19th at 7 PM in the Youngdeungpo Times Square CGV Art Hall.

Before debuting, Infinite gathered a lot of interest and interest from fans through “Infinite, You Are My Oppa”.

As they debuted into the music industry with their title song ‘Come Back Again’, which was off their first mini album ‘First Invasion’, Infinite quickly secured a fanbase and showed increasing growth.

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{NEWS} 100903 ‘Hot Topic’ Infinite, Perfect Partner MC with Kim Gura 2 Months After Debuting

[TV Daily = Ha Soona Writer] Newcomer 7 membered boy group, Infinite, has stirred a topic for becoming MCs for a entertainment program only 2 months after their debut.

A survival program to pick Nongshim’s raccoon product model. The show airing on cable channels KBS DRAMA and KBS JOY, ‘I Wish It Were You’, had an open audition to pick Nongshim’s ‘Raccoon’ advertising model and the 9 who were picked from this will have a series survival that’s processed over a couple of weeks, and will pick the final 1 raccoon girl.

In this program, Infinite and popular gagman, Kim Gura, have taken the role of leading these girls and are determined to show a different side of them.

The open audition, which was the first recording, they received the roles of on-the-spot MCs and there was statements that said they interviewed the audition applicants and created an amicable mood. And through this program, Infinite are determined to not only conquer music programs, but also entertainment.

On the other hand, the winner of this survival program will be given a contract with Nongshim which will allow them to shoot CFs, magazines, advertisments, and such chances along with prize money. The KBS N Star Making Survival, ‘I Wish It Were You’, with Kim Gura and Infinite as well matching MCs, will have its first airing on September 6th.

CREDITS: TV Daily ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits (Translations)

{NEWS} 100901 Infinite at the “Love Statistics Concert”

9/1 (Wednesday) The 16th Statistics Day Anniversary, “Love Statistics Concert”, opened at Jungbu Daejun government office’s plaza. A lot of people might be thinking ‘huh?’ right now, and it was right, it was the time that the typhoon, Kompasu, effected our nation like crazy. After hearing about that typhoon that would come all day, we were wondering what would happen to the postponed concert but it was proceeded normally. The hosts stated that they would provide raincoats and they came to the scene of the concert about 20 minutes earlier than the original time, which was 7:30 PM. After they arrived, they created a good enough space to take pictures and were waiting for the concert to start, the sky played a joke or something because as soon as the first group Infinite took stage, rain started to come. This caused a state of lull but rain started coming from the beginning to the end. So much rain came that even after wearing the raincoat, my pants and shoes were completely soaked. But even during this, I ripped off my raincoat to protect my camera and remained to take various pictures of the singers. Although I’ve taken pictures of various environments of places I’ve traveled to, it was my first time taking pictures for 2 hours while being hit by falling rain. However, the concert was progressed excitingly and in a fun manner so it wasn’t boring and I think because they kept changing the singers, I enjoyed taking pictures. On this day’s Love Statistic Concert, singers that young people like such as Infinite, Seo Ingook, ZE:A, Son Dambi, Norazo, LPG performed while artists that older people enjoy such as Sul Woondo, Jung Soora, Kim Yongim, performed too, showing off a brilliant list of participants. Then let’s view the pictures taken during the Love Statistics Concert that proceeded through the heavy rain. I’m planning to post of various pictures for each group but for today, I’ll only upload a few as a sketch. Also, the Love Statistics Concert is planned to be broadcasted on TJB (Daejun Broadcasting)

CREDITS: http://donghun.kr/683 ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits

{INTERVIEW}100831 Extended Interview with Bugs

They were interviewed back when the small segments were put on Twitter but the entire interview was uploaded today!

+ Entire Interview Under the Cut
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{INTERVIEW} 100823 Infinite’s Interview with Bugs via Twitter

Bugs had the interview put into separate tweets but I’ll just collect it all into one. ^^

[RT Please] In a few moments, Bugs will have an interview with the 7 member group, Infinite, whose ‘sky color group dancing’ is cool. Please watch out for the time line!! Infinite had gained large popularity after their debut title song, ‘Come Back Again’, and are currently in the middle of diligently performing their follow up song, ‘She’s Back. Infinite is coming a bit late due to that. We pushed back lunch for the interview… Ah, there was a phone call that they just arrive. Wait for a bit. Getting ready for Infinite’s interview… Pictures first~~^^

+ Remainder of the Interview Under the cut

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{UPDATES} 100811 L’s Best Fly UFOTown Replies

CREDITS: Bestiz ; Hyejin  (crazeecores) @ Over Zero / Endless Limits

{INTERVIEW} Ceci Magazine September Issue Translations

Interview is completely translated.



1. How do you feel about the nicknames Kenyan and 9999-dimensional? I think it’s because of my slightly different way of thinking and my taste, style. Heuheu!

2. Even if people see me (as someone who doesn’t have a serious side), I really (have a lot of thoughts and I’m a mom who listens well to worries that our members or staffs have things with my members or the staffs).

3. The mood in the dorm? Really loud. Leader hyung makes jokes, Hoya and Woohyun talk, Sungyeol does unexplainable gestures, and Sungjong’s small voice seems to be talking about something intently but you can’t hear it. L just silently smiles.

4. Which member are you the most jealous of? Hoya and Woohyun’s talking skills. Sunggyu hyung’s clean up comment and his vocals. Sungyeol’s height? But I’m barely jealous about this. L’s nose and Sungjong’s aegyo (cute acts).

5. Then oppositely, who is a member you can never be jealous of? Sungyeol’s chubby cheeks! Because I’m a person of the wild.

6. Charming point? Thick lips, eyes that seem like they’re going to charge, and my behind.

7. What is the girl that you wish could be the “She’s coming coming coming to me” part of She’s Back? If it could be a girl who knows herself well, can love me, and look at me then ‘Thank you~’. (Actress Kim Aekyung’s voice tone)

+ Other Members Under the Cut

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{NEWS} 100818 Jeonbuk Silver, ‘2010 Vivid Rock Festival’ Being Held

Jeonbuk Bank revealed on the 18th that they are opening the ‘2010 Vivid Rock Festival’ at Jeonbuk University’s Performing Arts Hall on the 19th with adolescents as their main target.
For this event, 9 of the teams out of the 20 youth rock vocal teams from Jeonbuk High School that passed the preliminary round, will have a final round and the three teams that get picked will recieve the scholarship.
Infinite, ZE:A, Gavy NJ and other singers are scheduled to be invited.
The president of the bank, Kim Han, stated “Through this event, we hope that adolescents from this province will realease as much youth as they can and gain confidence to make their dreams come true” and “From now on, we will add our strength to create a healthy cultrue for adolescents”.

Kim Hyunkyung Reporter (khk@etoday.co.kr)

CREDITS: E Today ; Hyejin @ Endless Limits (Translations)