{NEWS} 120309 Two Months’ Kim Yerim & INFINITE’s L release MV for duet single, “Love U Like U”

Kim Yerim & L who are currently starring in ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘ will be releasing their first duet single.

The official audio single, “Love U Like U” from tvN‘s drama series ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ will be released on March 12th. INFINITE‘s L and Two Months‘ Kim Yerim are establishing their own love line in the series, and on a recent episode, Yerim asked L (Lee Hyunsoo) to record a duet song together. Since then, viewers have been curious to know if their duet song would be released as a single.

The other OSTs recorded by their fellow actors Lee Minki, Sung Joon, Kim Min Suk, and more have been released on a weekly basis, and fans have been sending in overwhelming requests for L & Yerim’s song to be released as well.

“Love U Like U” is a track with a restored acoustic sound, and it sings of a man who cannot hide his emotions for a woman who only sees him as a friend. Kim Yerim who has until now only collaborated with her fellow Two Months’ member Do Dae Yoon has created a beautiful harmony with INFINITE’s L.

Things are still a little awkward when it’s just the two of us, but we became a little more comfortable after we started singing together,” the two remarked.

The single will be available for purchase on March 12th. Check out the MV below the cut!

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{NEWS} 120217 Viewers praise L’s acting abilities on ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’

L of boy group INFINITE is captivating his TV audience.

L is showcasing his natural acting abilities in his current tvN drama, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band (written by Seo Yoon Hee, directed by Lee Kwon). On the February 14th episode, L put on a very convincing performance. On the episode, L hurt his hand while running to attend a rock festival as he was almost hit by the car driving a singer, Kim Yerim. Despite his bloody hand, he made his best effort to put on a passionate performance on stage for the audience.

However, during the middle of the performance, he was stopped by the band’s leader who had seen his bloody hand and L had no choice but to walk off the stage that had been prepared in memory of their deceased friend, Byung Hee (Lee Minki).

After the show, L runs into Kim Yerim and it seems as though he is trying to suppress his anger and frustration that surface upon seeing her. Although she offers him an apology, he is extremely cold to her and brushes past her.

With his cold stare and natural acting abilities, L properly conveys the personality of his character, Lee Hyun Soo. His emotions were effectively delivered, and viewers who could sense his sincerity praised his acting skills. At the time the scene was being filmed, the staff members were blown away with his ability to focus.

I think I started showing you Hyun Soo’s true colors from the 6th episode,” he said. “I studied up on a lot of things in order to shoot scenes on stage. Please look forward the story as it continues to unfold.”

Meanwhile, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’s is 16-episode mini series about the members of a high school rock band and their experiences with love and friendship. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00PM KST.

CREDITS: Herald via Nate (Source); Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

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