{NEWS} 120316 Samsung to hold a ‘Galaxy Player Party’ with INFINITE

Samsung Electronics has announced on March 16th that they are looking for guests to attend the Galaxy Player 70 Plus launch party, which will be hosted by the boys of INFINITE.

The party will take place on April 13th, and the guests will be chosen by drawing from 300 customers who bought the new Galaxy Player 70 Plus (YP-GB70D), and from 200 customers who pre-ordered a Galaxy Player.

The boys of INFINITE, who are the endorsement models for the Galaxy Player, are preparing songs, dances, and various events for the launch party such as handing out chocolate to people who missed out on White Day.

People who want to attend the launch party can go to the Samsung Galaxy Player site through April 3rd and register for the event, and customers who have already bought the Galaxy Player 70 Plus must register their product on the site.

For more information regarding the Samsung Galaxy launch party with INFINITE, visit the Galaxy Player site for more details.

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{VID} 120311 K-Collection in Seoul Behind the Scenes – Infinite

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{VID} 120304 Tokyo Hallyu Music Fashion Show KISS – BTD (Japan Ver.) + Be Mine + Talk + Paradise

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MBC previously only broadcasted Be Mine.

{VID} 120226 Tokyo Hallyu Music Fashion Show KISS – Be Mine

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{NEWS} 110924 INFINITE to perform at ‘Shouting Together Concert’

Top Korean artists will be coming together for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics ‘Shouting Together Concert’. The concert is scheduled to take place on October 8th at the Alpensia Ski Jump Main Stadium.

The artist line up includes SNSD, Super Junior, INFINITE, Baek Ji Young, Code-V, Boohwal, Baek Cheong Gang, Kim Gun Mo, N-Train, and DoodRock.

This event is another concert celebration commemorating Korea’s success in securing the bid as the host nation for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In addition to regular tickets starting from around 29,900 Korean Won (about $25 USD) and VIP seats, there will also be free tickets available through the sponsors of the event.

CREDITS: Seoul CheongWoo (Source + Photo), Allkpop; Rubyfur @ Endless Limits

{NEWS} Infinite, Fanmeeting to Commemorate Their 1st Year Anniversary ‘2,000 Fans Go Crazy’


Infinite, who has reached their 1st anniversary, had a meeting with their fans.

Infinite had a inauguration ceremony for their official fanclub, ‘INSPIRIT’, on the 17th at Seoul Gwangjin-gu Children’s Great Park Dome Art Hall and shared nervous breaths for 2 hours with 2,000 fans.

After 1 year, Infinite changed from their freshness during their debut days from June 2010 to a more refined and comfortable look. The only thing that didn’t change since their debut was their angled choreography.

Infinite, who started their fanmeeting with their debut song, ‘Come Back Again’, even did perfect choreography during ‘BTD’, as expected of the group dancing idols, causing fans to go crazy. Because this was the first official meeting with their fans, Infinite continued performances, being more nervous than ever.

After finishing the performances, Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu, brought out sympathy from the fans by confessing, “Up till this morning, Woohyun’s fever went up to 40 degrees because of a cold along with an aching body. However, he gained strength in order to meet the fans.” Woohyun responded, “I feel strong after listening to the support and cheers.”

Entertainer Park Kyunglim was the MC for the fanmeeting and began chatting, “I came with my own motive to learn about prenatal education. There’s some that help with it and some that don’t.” Although Park Kyunglim is 4 months into her pregnancy, she released their nervousness as she emceed the fanmeeting for Infinite, who kept in contact with her since they debuted.

Following this, the members exploded in embarrassing moments of each other through the ‘Silhouette Talk’ corner and gave a fun time to the fans. They also open-mindedly confessed all the stories that fans were curious about such as Dongwoo crying because he was dropped from a test on his birthday during his trainee days and that Woohyun actually practices for fanservice.

During the ‘Silhoutte Talk’, the members and fans gave a surprise birthday party to Sungyeol whose birthday is on the 27th. Sungyeol showed tears for the present that he didn’t even think of and showed his thankful heart, “It will be an unforgettable birthday. Thank you”. He also showed his thanks towards his parents who came to the fanmeeting.

Infinite, who showed their honest charms to fans, performed their title song, ‘Be Mine’, off their first official album along with their own stages. Sungjong, who became a hot topic for being able to perfectly dance to girl groups, danced to Orange Caramel’s ‘Bangkok City’ with Sungyeol and L, and received cheers from fans for dancing to it just like a girl group.

Infinite ended the fanmeeting by singing ‘Amazing’ off their first official album while handing out towels and roses to their fans.

Infinite, who has constantly been growing for 1 year through their own certain colors and music that appeals to the public, looks forward to being with more fans for their next fanmeeting.

CREDITS: Seoul Ntn (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


{NEWS} 110818 – Infinite, In the Middle of Demonstrating for ‘Redemption of Cultural Assets’? “Cultural Assets ‘Be Mine’ From Now On~”

Infinite participated in the ‘2011 Elite’s Nation Love Culture Asset Protection Camp’.

The school uniform company, Elite, came together with the Community Chest of Korea and sponsored it. This camp took place at the National Museum of Korea where the royal ‘Uigwe’ books, that were returned to Korea after 145 years, are displayed and they started demonstrating to bring back the cultural assets that were sent out to foreign nations.

Along with 50 children all around the nation, Infinite held a card sectioning and picket sign demonstration for the redemption of cultural assets. With the slogan of, “Please return our cultural assets.”, they held banners that were translated in Japanese, French, English and etc. for the major countries holding Korea’s cultural assets and demonstrated for the redemption of their cultural assets.

Along with this, Infinite spent a fun time with them by giving out signed CDs to the kids and taking pictures with them. On this day, Infinite thought about the importance of our nation’s cultural assets one more time and gave warm love to the neglected children, having a cheerful time at this meaningful and important event.

Infinite members revealed, “We’re proud to have been able to participate in such a meaningful event.” Adding on, “The kids we did this seem to be really cute and innocent. It was fun to go back to this kind of innocence with them.”

As “Elite’s Nation Love Camp” reaches its 7th one this year, they will be giving 100 won for every uniform sold to the ‘Historical Culture Camp’ to show kids who are neglected easily by their family and in society, ‘Nation’s Love, Neighbor’s Love’. This will start on August 17th at the National Museum of Korea and will end on August 19th, lasting for 3 days and 2 nights at Kanghwa-do.

CREDITS: Good Day (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)