{NEWS} Infinite, Fanmeeting to Commemorate Their 1st Year Anniversary ‘2,000 Fans Go Crazy’


Infinite, who has reached their 1st anniversary, had a meeting with their fans.

Infinite had a inauguration ceremony for their official fanclub, ‘INSPIRIT’, on the 17th at Seoul Gwangjin-gu Children’s Great Park Dome Art Hall and shared nervous breaths for 2 hours with 2,000 fans.

After 1 year, Infinite changed from their freshness during their debut days from June 2010 to a more refined and comfortable look. The only thing that didn’t change since their debut was their angled choreography.

Infinite, who started their fanmeeting with their debut song, ‘Come Back Again’, even did perfect choreography during ‘BTD’, as expected of the group dancing idols, causing fans to go crazy. Because this was the first official meeting with their fans, Infinite continued performances, being more nervous than ever.

After finishing the performances, Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu, brought out sympathy from the fans by confessing, “Up till this morning, Woohyun’s fever went up to 40 degrees because of a cold along with an aching body. However, he gained strength in order to meet the fans.” Woohyun responded, “I feel strong after listening to the support and cheers.”

Entertainer Park Kyunglim was the MC for the fanmeeting and began chatting, “I came with my own motive to learn about prenatal education. There’s some that help with it and some that don’t.” Although Park Kyunglim is 4 months into her pregnancy, she released their nervousness as she emceed the fanmeeting for Infinite, who kept in contact with her since they debuted.

Following this, the members exploded in embarrassing moments of each other through the ‘Silhouette Talk’ corner and gave a fun time to the fans. They also open-mindedly confessed all the stories that fans were curious about such as Dongwoo crying because he was dropped from a test on his birthday during his trainee days and that Woohyun actually practices for fanservice.

During the ‘Silhoutte Talk’, the members and fans gave a surprise birthday party to Sungyeol whose birthday is on the 27th. Sungyeol showed tears for the present that he didn’t even think of and showed his thankful heart, “It will be an unforgettable birthday. Thank you”. He also showed his thanks towards his parents who came to the fanmeeting.

Infinite, who showed their honest charms to fans, performed their title song, ‘Be Mine’, off their first official album along with their own stages. Sungjong, who became a hot topic for being able to perfectly dance to girl groups, danced to Orange Caramel’s ‘Bangkok City’ with Sungyeol and L, and received cheers from fans for dancing to it just like a girl group.

Infinite ended the fanmeeting by singing ‘Amazing’ off their first official album while handing out towels and roses to their fans.

Infinite, who has constantly been growing for 1 year through their own certain colors and music that appeals to the public, looks forward to being with more fans for their next fanmeeting.

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{NEWS} 110818 – Infinite, Fanclub Inauguration “Touched by the Large Result After 1 Year”

The idol group, Infinite, talked about their touched feelings from having an official fanclub inauguration.

Infinite opened their fanclub inauguration ceremony ‘Infinite’s Official Fanclub – Inspirit’ at 7:30 PM on the 17th at Seoul Gwangjang-dong Children’s Great Park Dome Art Hall and had a meeting with their fans.

Leader Sunggyu revealed his thoughts, “I’m thankful that many people came here even though it was raining a lot.” And, “I’m really touched that a fanclub was created in only a year since our debut.”

He added, “I think we’re able to grow because of our fans.” And, “I’m proud because it seems like we have our own sturdy support team. Look forward to Infinite’s further improvement.”

Infinite has been receiving a lot of love with their refined music and angled choreography. In one year since their debut, they’re receiving attention in not only Korea, but in other places in Asia as well, showing their high speed growth.

On this day, Infinite performed their hit songs ‘B.T.D’ and ‘Nothing’s Over’ along with their newest song ‘Be Mine’, causing their fans to become enthusiastic. And they also received more cheers with each of the members’ various solo stages that showed their own charms, such as girl group dances, fierce raps, and ballads.

Infinite’s speciality, ‘angled choreography’, also shined more. Infinite’s own performances, where the movements of the 7 members are unified as if they were one person, have a nickname of ‘angled (blade) choreography’ because it looks like they cut it perfectly with blades, and fans gave feverish cheers to these angled performances.

Meanwhile, Infinite is in the middle of actively promotion their title song, ‘Be Mine’, off their first official album. Following this, they plan to mainly concentrate on Japanese promotions in the latter half of the year.

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{NEWS} 110817 – Infinite “The Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony That Should Have Been Done Earlier, Stayed Up for 3 Days”

The group, Infinite, revealed their overwhelming reactions to having a fanclub inauguration ceremony after 1 year since their debut.

Before Infinite’s official fanclub inauguration ceremony opened on the afternoon of the 17th at Seoul Gwangjang-dong Children’s Park Dome Art Hall, they had a press conference and revealed, “For the fanclub inauguration ceremony that should have been done earlier, we stayed up for 3 days.”

On this day, Infinite’s members: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong all had tense expressions on their faces and showed nervous sides in having an official meeting with their fans. Woohyun said, “After today, we become one family with our fans.”

Leader Sunggyu showed his hopes by saying, “I want to communicate with the fans through this performance. Since we prepared various stages, I hope the fans like it a lot.” And L added, “To show a perfect side to ourselves, we had to stay up for a couple of days since we prepared late. Since we put effort into it, watch over us.”

Dongwoo expressed his thankful heart to fans who constantly supported them for a year since their debut. “I’m thankful because they noticed each and every expression we made on stage and enjoyed it for a year.” And showed his happy heart by saying, “I’m happy because I can show you a sexy girl group dance, which was my wish.”

The 7 members of Infinite, who had a successful debut through ‘Come Back Again’ in June of 2010, were picked out as the ‘Group Dancing Idols’ because they danced as if they were one person. After promoting with ‘BTD’ and ‘Nothing’s Over’, Infinite revealed the title song, ‘Be Mine’, of their first official album ‘Over the Top’ and started active promotions.

Meanwhile, Infinite plans to hold a concert in Osaka, Japan in September and officially debut in Japan in November with ‘BTD’.

CREDITS: Seoul News (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)

{NEWS} 110817 – Infinite’s Dongwoo, ‘The tattoo that I personally drew is erasing due to my sweat’

The group Infinite, opened their fanclub’s inauguration ceremony on the afternoon of the 17th at Seoul Gwangjang-dong Children’s Park Dome Art Hall. After the opening performance, Infinite’s Dongwoo is staring at the tattoo he personally drew.

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{NEWS} 110817 – Infinite’s Woohyun, ‘Even an Aching Body Could Not Block Me From the Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony!’

The group Infinite, opened their fanclub’s inauguration ceremony on the afternoon of the 17th at Seoul Gwangjang-dong Children’s Park Dome Art Hall.

Infinite, who had a successful debut with ‘Come Back Again’ in June of 2010, released their title song ‘Be Mine’ of their first official album, ‘Over the Top’, last month and started active promotions.

Meanwhile, Infinite plans to have a concert on September in Osaka, Japan and officially debut in Japan on November.

As Woohyun’s body condition wasn’t good, his members were worrying..

CREDITS: Osen (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)

{NEWS} 110818 INFINITE’s L hints about a special someone at fanclub inauguration

On August 17th, INFINITE finally held their official fanclub inauguration for ‘Inspirits‘ at the Dom Art Hall in Neungdong Children’s Park!

The boys not only performed their hit tracks, but they also engaged in honest talk sessions with their fans.

Leader Sunggyu began by saying, “We’re all so moved to have an official fanclub just a year into our debut. We’ll be promoting in Japan in October, so we hope to win #1 on a music program before then.  It was because of all of our fans that we were able to grow and improve this much. We’re all so proud to have such a strong support base, so please keep looking forward to our growth.”

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{INFO} 100929 Infinite’s Official Fanclub Name Contest!

Hello. It’s Woolim Ent.

For all you Infinite fans, we will have an amazing official fanclub name contest.

[Time Period] From 2010/9/29 (Wed.) ~ 10/17 (Sun.)

[Entry Method] Go to the notice board on Infinite’s official fancafe and post your entry on the <Official Fanclub Name Contest> board

[Official Fancafe URL] http://cafe.daum.net/infinite7

The fanclub name is something to symbolize the group Infinite and the fans that support Infinite.

Please create a name that you would like as a fanclub name and the reason why.

The fanclub names entries will be picked through a voting process.

Infinite member’s will also participate in the voting so please refer to the benefit too.

The person who’s official fanclub name is picked, will be given a small gift as a memento, so please give it a lot of interest and participation.

CREDITS: Woollim Ent’s Official Homepage ; Hyejin [crazeecores] @ Endless Limits (Translations)

So excited to find out what entry will win!