{NEWS} 110818 – Infinite, Fanclub Inauguration “Touched by the Large Result After 1 Year”

The idol group, Infinite, talked about their touched feelings from having an official fanclub inauguration.

Infinite opened their fanclub inauguration ceremony ‘Infinite’s Official Fanclub – Inspirit’ at 7:30 PM on the 17th at Seoul Gwangjang-dong Children’s Great Park Dome Art Hall and had a meeting with their fans.

Leader Sunggyu revealed his thoughts, “I’m thankful that many people came here even though it was raining a lot.” And, “I’m really touched that a fanclub was created in only a year since our debut.”

He added, “I think we’re able to grow because of our fans.” And, “I’m proud because it seems like we have our own sturdy support team. Look forward to Infinite’s further improvement.”

Infinite has been receiving a lot of love with their refined music and angled choreography. In one year since their debut, they’re receiving attention in not only Korea, but in other places in Asia as well, showing their high speed growth.

On this day, Infinite performed their hit songs ‘B.T.D’ and ‘Nothing’s Over’ along with their newest song ‘Be Mine’, causing their fans to become enthusiastic. And they also received more cheers with each of the members’ various solo stages that showed their own charms, such as girl group dances, fierce raps, and ballads.

Infinite’s speciality, ‘angled choreography’, also shined more. Infinite’s own performances, where the movements of the 7 members are unified as if they were one person, have a nickname of ‘angled (blade) choreography’ because it looks like they cut it perfectly with blades, and fans gave feverish cheers to these angled performances.

Meanwhile, Infinite is in the middle of actively promotion their title song, ‘Be Mine’, off their first official album. Following this, they plan to mainly concentrate on Japanese promotions in the latter half of the year.

CREDITS: enews24 (Source); Hyejin @ infinite updates (Translations)


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